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Your Horoscope 7/10–21/10

As astrology is having a resurgence in popularity these days, here is everything you need to know about the zodiac signs in these next two weeks so you can know how offended you should be when someone says, “that’s such a Capricorn thing to say”. Two of the major bits of astrology this week have to do with the New Moon in Libra on 6 October, followed by Venus’s (the planet of love) transit into Sagittarius on the seventh. Always read for your rising sign if possible!

Libra (24 September–23 October)

Prepare to shine, pretty Libra, as the new moon occurs in your first house of self. All eyes will be on you as you reflect on your public image and sense of identity. As Venus enters your third house of communications, your texts, emails and Instagram messages could become a flurry of exciting activity.

Scorpio (24 October–23 November)

With the new moon happening in your twelfth house of the subconscious, your dreams could suddenly take on deeper meaning. Pay attention to any messages you receive. As Venus transits your second house, you might want to treat yourself to a gift or luxury item.

Sagittarius (24 November–21 December)

As the new moon occurs in your eleventh house of friendship and technology, you could find yourself being very social or at the centre of the group chat. Venus entering your first house of self means all eyes on you: go forth freedom loving Sag, it’s your time to shimmy shake.

Capricorn (22 December–20 January) In the vein of the Cardi B lyric, “I’m a boss Bitch, you’re a worker hoe”, you will be experiencing exciting new beginnings in your tenth house of work and career. As Venus enters your twelfth house of the subconscious, you might want to spend more time alone or reflect on past relationships.

Aquarius (21 January–19 February)

With the new moon in your ninth house of travel, education and adventure, you could be planning an exciting trip or embarking on a journey of the mind. As Venus enters your eleventh house, you will find yourself being very social and sparking lots of new friendships.

Pisces (20 February–20 March)

As the new moon enters your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth, you may have some intense relationship experiences or simply feel the beginnings of an inner metamorphosis. Venus in your tenth house points to a positive focus on you in your career and public roles this month.

Aries (21 March–20 April)

With the new moon in your seventh house of relationships, this is a great time to start any sort of partnership. If you’re already spoken for, leave them for someone else. As Venus enters your ninth house of adventure, freedom and foreign travel, it’s time to let your inner Ram roam.

Taurus (21 April–21 May)

The new moon is happening in your sixth house of daily routines and health, so this is a perfect moment to get into self-care or do some yoga. As Venus, the planet of love, enters your eighth house of sex, death and finances, you might find yourself having intense romantic experiences or coming into some unexpected cash.

Gemini (22 May–21 June)

We all know Geminis are horrible people, but the new moon in their fifth house of pleasure and casual sex means they are at least having fun (what’s new). Venus entering your seventh house of long-term partnerships the next day suggests the potential of a side hoe to become serious, but probably not because you’re a Gemini.

Cancer (22 June–22 July)

The moon occurs in your fourth house of home and family, so you might be turning over a new leaf in a relationship with a relative or simply wanting to spend more time in your own space. As Venus enters your sixth house of work and health, you could be checking in with what daily routines make you feel happiest.

Leo (23 July–22 August)

With the new moon in your third house of communications, it is a great time to put pen to paper and complete any writing projects. Prepare to roar as Venus enters your fifth house of pleasure and artistic pursuits.

Virgo (23 August–23 September)

As the new moon enters your second house of material possessions, you could be looking to splurge on a much-wanted purchase. Do it! Venus in your fourth house could find you wanting to spend more time at home or with family, or even wanting to spruce up your space a bit.

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