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Lights Out at Club 601

It has been announced that the Club 601 and the StAge in the Union will be closed for the remainder of the semester.

In a statement released on Friday 10 March, students were told that a closure would take place due to the outcome of a recent safety inspection of the venue. During which, it was noted that the type of concrete used in the roof space may pose a safety concern.

The statement explained that the concrete is a specific kind of “lightweight, aerated concrete” that has only recently been the subject of concern in the building industry.

During a survey conducted by specialist contractors, it was advised to the Students’ Association and the University of St Andrews that access to the venue should end until the safety issue could be resolved.

Due to the lengthy timeline in which it would take to resolve the safety issue, the Students’ Association has announced that no events or bookings will be permitted to take place in 601 or the StAge for the remainder of the semester.

However, the Students’ Association has also announced that they are working closely with the University to find alternative venue options. Union weekly events will still take place, but will be moved to the Main Bar. The Students’ Association has noted that they are working to fix the roof as quickly as possible.

Photo: University of St Andrews

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