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Amelia Perry

Amelia (Millie) is in her final semester studying Art History and hopes one day to become a proper, real-life journalist. When not in St Andrews, she lives in the actual Hundred-Acre Wood from Winnie the Pooh (genuinely). Her hobbies include thinking, talking, and obsessing about The Saint; though she also has a 'healthy' appreciation for The Central's £4 Spiced Bramble G&T, the Oxford Comma, and giving unsolicited advice — much like her eternal icon for absolutely everything, Dolly Alderton.


Deputy Editor

David Buchan

David is a third year English student from Aberdeenshire. When he isn't stuck in the library or ranking the nation's favourite biscuits, he enjoys going for coffee, a cheeky post-library pint, and a good ol' boogie at jazz night. He looks forward to being a 'profesh' (David's words) journalist, whilst still tapping into his biscuit-related creative instincts from time to time. 


Deputy Editor

Riley Raab

Riley is a second-year English and Management student from Austin, Texas. When not searching for obscure snacks in Tesco or on InDesign, she loves debating the appropriate uses of sans-serif fonts and (unsuccessfully) fighting Texas stereotypes. Our former design editor, she won the award of "most likely to be the most random candidate to stage the most successful coup The Saint has ever seen" at the 2023 The Saint Christmas Dinner.

Alex M 2023_edited.jpg

News Editor

Alex Mooney

Alex is a fourth year International Relations student from Boston, Massachusetts. She joined The Saint her first year as deputy news editor, and is excited to continue her work on the paper as a section editor. When she’s not working on The Saint, Alex can be found trying new vegan recipes, aggressively knitting, and other grandma-esque activities.


Science & Technology Editor

Natalie Olofsson

Natalie is a third year economics student. A previous writer for Sci-Tech and Viewpoint, she also spends time producing The Saint's controversial and intoxicating podcast 'Diss-Course'. Until she sees the Northern Lights herself, she denies all scientific claims they can be seen in St Andrews.


Viewpoint Editor

Jasmin Sykes

Jazz is in her 4th year studying philosophy — this should be fairly obvious as she is prone to the occasional manifest existential crisis. This is mostly apparent in her writing, but when it isn't you'll find her trekking several thousand kilometres across Northern Spain, Italy or climbing some mountains in her beloved homeland of Northern England. Other hobbies include ignoring all academic responsibilities in service of The Saint — anything for The Saint, baby!


Features Editor

Hannah Shiblaq

When she isn't rhapsodizing to the nearest innocent bystander about her love for The Saint, Hannah can be found melodramatically staring at the moon, scribbling incoherent thoughts in her journal, or baking almond-flavoured delicacies. Like any aspiring writer, she loves to read, try to complete the New York Times mini crossword in under thirty seconds, and (occasionally) write. 


Photography Editor

Violeta Vigo

Violeta is a second year studying English and Film Studies from Cádiz, Spain. In addition to photography, she loves shooting and editing videos and creative writing.


Events Editor

Ilaria Freccia

Ilaria is a second-year International Relations and Management student from California. This is her second year writing for The Saint. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and walking along the beach at all hours of the day (or night).


Arts & Culture Editor

Anna Owen

Anna is a fourth-year English and German student from Leeds and this is her third year at The Saint. When not neck-deep in the North Sea, she can be found campaigning for the return of Aspalls to The Central. 


Puzzles Editor

Ami Melville

Ami is a third year studying Art History and English from Upstate New York. This is her first year working for The Saint, and she's super excited to be serving as the newspaper’s first ever Puzzles Editor! Outside of writing, drawing and editing, she enjoys going to museums, running/hiking, playing with her cats and watching movies. You can find her around town enjoying a cappuccino in Rector’s or serving drinks at the Union!


Sport Editor

Isy Platt

Isy is a fourth-year History student from London, and began writing for the sports section at the start of her second year. A true armchair sports fan, her particular interests are in football and Formula One. She loves featuring local St Andrews sports news in The Saint and engaging with Saints Sports societies. You’ll most likely find her in her spare time rushing around at the Byre Theatre.


Head of Illustration

Lauren McAndrew

Lauren is in her final year studying film. She has held this role at The Saint for far too long but it is to absolutely no one's detriment as she is "perfect 100% all of the time" (according to the Exec team, and also everyone else). This feeds her perfectionism nicely, and makes her even more invested and obsessive with each new semester — much to her team's chagrin/ delight. 


Senior Copy Editor

Lara Battershill

Lara is a third year Ancient History student from Devon. She began working for The Saint as a copy editor at the beginning of her third year. When not copy-editing, you can find her taking long beach walks, going on very short runs, reading a good book, or consuming anything "pistachio".


Daisy Finefrock

Daisy is a third-year studying Comparative Literature and Modern History. She was born in Southern California and grew up in Singapore. She loves West Sands runs, Aperol spritzes, creative writing, and rom coms! During the day, if she's not on the ground floor of the library, you can probably find her at the window seat in Pret.

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