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Two Reportedly Injured in South Street Assault

Police officers were called on the evening of Friday 20 January following an incident near the West Port Gate on South Street, St Andrews.

A 70-year-old resident was assaulted outside of his home by a group of 15 teenagers at around 10:30pm on Friday. The university student who discovered her elderly neighbour being attacked was also targeted by the young men.

The student managed to return to her flat and hide in the bathroom whilst the young men, still in school uniform, talked about breaking windows and began throwing items at the flat.

Despite knowing the emergency number of 999 in the UK, the shock of what had happened meant that the student continued to dial 911 – the number which she called by instinct. The group of teenagers dispersed after people came out of the pub across the street in aid.

Police officers arrived at the scene and spoke to witnesses and bartenders at St Andrews Brewing Company. Officers took statements and looked for where footage of the teenagers may have been captured, such as on the security cameras outside of the pub’s premises.

Both the student and elderly man did not require medical treatment but remain shaken. Enquiries are ongoing and the young men remain unidentified.

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