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RockSoc 30th Anniversary Concert (4 February 2023)

On Saturday night, RockSoc will be celebrating 30 years of bringing rock and metal music culture to St Andrews the best way they know how: with a night of student music. The gig will feature two up-and-coming student bands (Vertabim and Downstem) as well as Rocksoc alumni band (B.O.O.B.S) and will be followed by a club night. With tickets costing only £4, there’s no excuse not to join the club in their celebration of St Andrews’ premier rockers.

Bro//ken Hearts Club (9 February 2023)

SAHRA, St Andrews’ Middle Eastern dance collective, will be hosting “a night to find love, or to forget about it” next week at the Vic. All attendees will have an opportunity to advertise their (perhaps complicated) relationship status using colour-coded glowsticks provided upon entry. Tickets cost £5, with a portion of profits going to the collective’s charity, IKWRO, which tackles the discrimination and violence against MENA and Afghan women and girls in the UK.

The Galentine’s Day Ball (11 February 2023)

The return of Valentine’s day signals the return of EmpowHER’s annual ultimate girls night out. Hosted this year at Lupos, attendees will have an opportunity to forget about any recent heartbreaks and focus on the love of their friends accompanied by a night of drinks (the first of which is complementary!), nibbles, and classic (Taylor Swift) tunes.

Tranceport Fife (15 February 2023)

New techno collective Tranceport will be hosting their inaugural event at Club 601 on 15th February. Advertised as a “electronic dance music and art exploring the best modernity has to offer”, music will include a range of Techno, DnB, House, Electro, and Experimental. A chance to experience the versatility of the electronic music genre, tickets cost £5-7.

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