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Top 5 Events This Week

The Saint highlights the hottest events of the week.

Women of Rock Club Night (6th October 2022)

Join RockSoc this evening for their weekly themed club night, which this week seeks to celebrate the Women of Rock. Taking place at Sandy’s Bar from 9.30 onwards, the group promises a completely free evening of tunes from “rock’s most iconic femme stars” - from WILLOW to RIOT GRRRL. Perfect for any local Kat Stratford wannabes!

Danceworm in the TARDIS (9th October 2022)

One of St Andrews’ newest dance and music collectives, the Danceworm team is wonderfully mysterious in the promotion of their latest event, Danceworm in TARDIS. From 8pm onwards this Sunday at Aikman’s cellar, the group promises a night - “foreseen by Time Lords of Gallifrey” - of student DJ talent that will transport attendees into the TARDIS.

Welly Walk for Wellbeing (9th October 2022)

If you’re looking for a study break this weekend, then the Welly Walk for Wellbeing is a chance to have a (hopefully sunny!) stroll whilst supporting a good cause. The Welly Ball committee have organised a 10k walk around St Andrews in order to honour World Mental Health day and raise funds for their charity, the Charlie Waller Trust. Starting at 2pm on West Sands, it’s a brilliant opportunity to get out and wear in your wellies ahead of their ball next month.

Don’t Walk: Imitation (13th October 2022)

Don’t Walk, one of St Andrews’ most renowned fashion show committees (and the group which boasts Kate Middleton as an alumnus) will be hosting their launch event at the Vic from 10pm next Thursday. A night of drinks and dancing from St Andrews’ best dressed is guaranteed.

Raisin (16th-17th October 2022)

As reading week approaches, one of St Andrews’ most truly bizarre traditions is once again upon us. Raisin - a day-long drunken scavenger hunt followed by a foam fight - is something that can’t be explained, only experienced. A must-attend event for all freshers, and guaranteed entertainment for any onlookers, it is joyous in the way that it brings together people from across year groups in a celebration of what makes this university so weird and wonderful.

Illustration: Sarah Knight

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