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Saints Stranded

Stranded on an island and forced to pick three songs, a book, and a luxury item... what would you choose?

Reader, truthfully, I do not think I could survive on an island long enough for these picks to matter; however, that will not inhibit me from babbling on about some of my favorite things!

First, to put my mental state at ease, I’d choose ‘I Only Want To Be With You’ by Dusty Springfield. Although this may prove counter-intuitive given the romantic premise of the song, in conjunction with my situation as a solo-stranded traveler, it would be painful to deprive myself of its sonorous ‘60s melody.

Second, to indulge myself in some self-inflicted sad girl time, I’d have to take a classic from my favorite artist, Taylor Swift. It’d be an act of betrayal to neglect ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)’, one of the most satisfying break up songs to belt on your lonesome. It’d certainly help me pass the time efficiently.

Lastly, my final pick would be ‘A Matter of Trust’ by Billy Joel. It’s certainly fitting, as my survival on the island would undoubtedly be a matter of trust in itself. But beyond that, the song is both motivating and an immediate mood-lifter. I think some rock music would be paramount in balancing out the other two.

Now for a book — this is categorically the most difficult pick as I am both an English major and absurdly indecisive. However, I think Donna Tartt’s The Secret History takes the cake. I continuously find myself absorbed in the preposterous world of Richard Papen and his ludicrously pretentious classmates. Without fail, I will struggle to put it down. It’s a great distraction.

Lastly, a luxury item — unquestionably, I’d choose a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream (with a freezer to preserve it). It’d be blasphemous to choose something else and would assuredly ground me after my isolation-induced delusions.

Illustration by Ruby Pitman

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