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Pluto of St Andrews: In Conversation with Tico

Tucked at the end of an alley on South Street framed by a cheese shop and a dry cleaner lies Pluto of St Andrews, a “store selling New and Vintage Clothes and Accessories, Skateboard Hardware and Golf Equipment,” complete with a cool atmosphere and a Great Dane named Pluto who inspired the name. The owner Roberto, who goes by Tico, is from Caracas, Venezuela, and he studied Production Management for Fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After school, he spent eight years working in the fashion industry, eventually launching Pluto of St Andrews in the summer of 2023.

The town of St Andrews serves as a combination of inspiration and relaxation for Tico, who was particularly drawn to its golf courses and beaches. While working remotely from a flat in town in May of 2021, Tico loved living in St Andrews, and he was struck by the number of students and young people and by “how stylish a lot of them were.” Despite the multitude of stylish individuals, Tico felt as if the town didn’t have a store that “they could identify with.” This lack of a “cool shop” and Tico’s desire to escape the busyness of London prompted his move to St Andrews. Not to mention the sprawling links and beaches of St Andrews fulfil Tico’s definition of “dog paradise,” the perfect place for Pluto to spend his retirement.

As the description of the store suggests, Pluto of St Andrews has a bit of everything, appealing to members of the St Andrews community and tourists wanting to expand their wardrobes or sports equipment collections. Tico stocks his store with new clothes from relevant brands, skateboards from “some of the coolest companies,” and skateboard hardware from “the most respected” businesses. Pluto of St Andrews also offers vintage clothing for people looking for designer pieces or casual wear, these vintage items serving as “historical artefacts from the time they were manufactured,” as Tico likes to describe it. Given that you can find a golf store on practically every street in St Andrews, Tico strives to offer a more unique selection of gear including “old school bags, head covers, and clubs,” which seldom grace the other golf stores in town. Tico also caters to experienced golfers by customising the grips and shafts of clubs with the hopes that the eventual owner has a personalised experience.

Tico takes a lighthearted and inclusive approach to the presentation of his store, encouraging people of every interest and age to visit Pluto of St Andrews, even without the intention of making any purchases. Although I am definitely not the most stylish person in St Andrews and don’t know much about fashion, I think that Tico’s personal style is reflected in his store. Tico jokingly expressed his worry about sounding “massively cringe” when describing his style, but he settled on the fact that he mixes elements of “early 2000s golf fashion (the golden age!), Y2K aesthetic,” and “90s nostalgia” when putting together an outfit. His combination of multiple styles manifests itself in his store, which offers comparable combinations of aesthetics and items. Tico draws inspiration from golf, skateboarding, Atlanta rap, and his “doom scrolling” sessions on eBay, and although his girlfriend humorously describes his interests as one-dimensional, they certainly help shape the atmosphere of his store. He also takes style inspiration from fashionable individuals including Pluto, whom he refers to as his “current boss,” his former boss Lev Tanju, the rapper Future, Michelle McGann, and the Scottish actor Clive Russell, who also happens to be Tico’s “dear golf buddy.” As for trends, Tico appreciates when people take a DIY approach to fashion by upcycling and reworking clothing. This also includes creatives on social media who do “crazy airbrushing,” “screenprint[ing], embroidery,” and “heat transfers” from the comfort of their bedrooms.

Tico expresses his thanks to everyone who has supported his business so far, and if you are interested in anything the store has to offer or simply want to watch VHS tapes of skate and golf videos, or One Hundred and One Dalmatians on the television set up in one of the rooms, make a trip to 151 South Street!

Photo by Pluto of St Andrews

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