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Ones to Watch: Events this Week

From the serious to the sublime: what to do, where to go, and why …

Jazba: Diwali (9 November) ​​Hosted by Thrillr Events at The Rule, this club night will get you movin’ and groovin’. Celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali starting at 10:30pm, by dancing to the rythemic beats of Bollywood and Punjabi tunes in the glow of traditional decor and colourful lights!

Szentek (11 November) Szentek is back and better than ever with their annual silo event. Running from 10pm to 4am, this is guaranteed to be one of the biggest events of the year. Get ready for great beats, characteristically crafty decor, and an evening of great vibes.

Arty Quiz Night (13 November) Want a cool-down after Szentek? Join Art Soc from 7pm in the Rule for an art-themed pub quiz. Brush up on your arty knowledge, grab up to five of your friends (or enemies, they’re not picky), and a pint and settle in for a fun night!

Dido & Aeneas (17-18 November) This one’s for all the Operaphiles out there. Don your best attire and enjoy the breezy walk to the Laidlaw Music Centre at 6pm for the St Andrews Chamber Opera Group’s rendition of the Greco-Roman story of Dido and Aeneas.

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