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FS Returns After Two-Year Absence

A theme of 'encompassing environments' inspired the sustainable fashion: Deputy Editor Kinu Dadaille provides her review of the show.

As fashion season in St Andrews draws to a close, FS delivered their much-anticipated event for the first time in two years. With the recent addition of a shortened term time in the Candlemas semester, the myriad of events that would normally take place across several weeks are now being booked back to back. Whilst some events may struggle to attract students who are overwhelmed with the number of choices, FS did not struggle in this department.

The show was held in a large tent situated on the Madras rugby pitches. Whilst somewhat difficult to get to compared to other venues with no coaches provided, FS was still well-attended. The tent was tightly-packed, and attendees swarmed the sides of the catwalk in order to get a closer look at the stunning models, as they sashayed up and down the runway with well-choreographed moves. Their elegance was palpable and they put on a captivating performance, managing to confidently walk down the catwalk in such a manner that is comparable to models who walk designer fashion shows. A massive variety of clothes were showcased - from labels such as Carhartt to the label Noé Dresses by university alumnus Noémie Jouas - accompanied by impressive hair and makeup design.

In an interview with the Saint, Executive Team member Sophie Cassou - whose role includes Sustainability and Press - discussed what aspects of FS distinguish it from the numerous other student fashion shows at St Andrews. ‘Sustainability is such a big part of FS’ she said ‘it really grounds our creative narrative, and is very strong in our operations. It can be easy to get lost in the social aspect of it and you can get caught up in the music and the fashion of it, but we try to express our mission to as many people as possible’. This ethos was encapsulated by the show’s theme, ‘encompassing environments’, which celebrated natural, artificial, and local environments in the sustainable fashion exhibited on the runway.

In comparison to other shows such as Don’t Walk and Sitara, visibly fewer amenities were provided in the VIP goodie bags. However, one has to consider the costs which come with unnecessary waste and the significance of an honest promotion of a truly sustainable lifestyle. In addition to promoting Sustainability, Ms. Cassou also told the Saint of the work that FS does to support charitable institutions. This year FS supported two local charities: FearFree, a charity based in Glasgow which works specifically to support LGBTQ+ victims of domestic abuse; and the Joshua Nolan Foundation, a Scottish charity which works to provide funding for mental health services for those who may otherwise struggle to gain access to them. In the interval between the fashion show’s two acts, an auction was held in order to raise further funds for these charities: auctioned items included an elegant trench coat, a glittering mini dress, and an NFT exclusively designed for FS by 3D artist James Mack.

Overall the night was a pleasurable experience: polished performances, high production values and DJ sets which perfectly captured the tone of the evening. Moreover, the fashion show moved seamlessly into a nightclub at the afterparty, headlined by Scottish duo Illyus & Barrientos and supported by local talent Tigre and Down To Funk. Ultimately, the whole thing was exceedingly well-rounded and an enjoyable night for all.

Images: Kinu Dadaille

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