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Freshers' Magazine: Editorial

Yet another Freshers’ Week is upon us: the rainbow arc of our new arrivals’ glimmering university experience begins, as does their path towards that renowned crossroads; to leave St Andrews newlywed or ‘on the bottle’ is the question. Tragically, we both have a pretty good idea of which fate is ours. Journalists, particularly those of the student variety, aren’t exactly renowned for their romantic tendencies now, are they?

Contrarily, The Saint is a publication well worthy of your love and attention. Founded in 1997, it has since been the predominant free and independent voice of student life in St Andrews. In that time it has unashamedly endeavoured to vitalise, illuminate, and liberate conversation atop this town’s asphalt and cobblestone. At times, it has attained this goal; at others, it hasn’t. As we tentatively seize the reins of editorship, doing so with great enthusiasm, we recognise our obligation to ensure that diversity of opinion rules over editorial whim, that the news we break be above all else accurate and pertinent, and that the students of St Andrews can access freely the competent and high-quality journalism which they deserve. Which you can, every second Thursday — at which point, you’ll find the hardworking members of our committee (all of whom are working voluntarily alongside their full-time, mostly undergraduate, degrees) outside Rectors’ Cafe, the Main Library, and St. Mary’s handing out free copies.

Speaking of staff… we’re hiring! Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a wordsmith, are skilled with a paintbrush, are never seen without a camera in hand, or finances are your thing, we would absolutely love to hear from you. Applications to be a writer, illustrator, or photographer are open and will close at midday on Sunday 10th September.

You can pick up your copy of our first edition of the year on Thursday 28th September. Any questions, queries, or quandaries in the meantime, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can reach us on, or, failing that, you may very well bump into us demolishing a post-Aikmans Thursday-night shawarma or screaming something unintelligible into the journalistic abyss.

Happy reading and, as ever, Anything for The Saint!

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