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Fife Women's Aid Recieves Support for International Women's Day

Throughout March, the St Andrews community has supported Fife Women’s Aid as part of Women’s History Month. Fife Women’s Aid is a registered charity supporting women and children in Fife who are victims of domestic abuse by appropriately connecting them with the necessary authorities or support systems.

The most recent statistics published by the Fife Council reveal that there were almost 4,500 cases of domestic abuse reported in Fife between 2019 and 2020. Reported cases likely make up only a percentage of the reality. In February 2024 alone, Fife Women’s Aid helped over 160 women and 103 children and young people.

Fife Women’s Aid offers a range of free services including safe temporary refuge, practical and emotional support, and introduction to support circles composed of other women who have lived through similar situations. 

On 8 March, many members of the University staff took part in a sea dip to mark International Women's Day and raise money for Fife Women’s Aid. Donations totalled almost £800.

The Vice-Principal of Education (Proctor), Professor Clare Peddie, who was one of the 30 staff members who participated, reflected on the event and the cause,

I must admit, there was a moment as I stood in the freezing wind waiting to go into what looked like a wholly uninviting sea that day, that I did briefly question why I was participating. But then, it only takes a few seconds of thought to reflect on the horrific situations in which women, and sometimes their children, find themselves with apparently no option but to continue to endure. Fife Women’s Aid offers both practical assistance and genuinely supportive advice to help women find a way to recover and to be safe.”

The Vice-Principal (Strategy, Policy and Planning), Ester Ruskuc, who also participated, said that the group chose Fife Women’s Aid because they “felt it was important to support a local charity at the heart of supporting local women.”

The sea dip was the second March event in St Andrews supporting Fife Women’s Aid. On 7 March, the popular biweekly dance event, Throwbacks, partnered with the St Andrews EmpowerHer Society to raise money for Fife Women’s Aid. All profits from the event were donated.

Image by Samantha Carlson

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