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American Tourister: Better Baggage

I struggle with travelling, and I believe rightfully so. It is no simple task to take half your body weight with you across the globe replete with all you need, all you want, and — perhaps most importantly — all you will want once you’ve reached your destination. If this early planning stage were not sufficient stress in and of itself, the subsequent physical packing adds only further trauma. “Am I really going to lug this gargantuan recipient along the cobbled streets of the huitième arrondissement by this piddly little handle?” I ask myself. “How will I ever find the space to bring back the umpteen bottles of Italian chianti and mountains of Spanish jamón that is practically unattainable back home?” The response to such conundrums does not come easily.

Alas, if you find yourself, like me, overworn and overwhelmed by such dilemmas, then rejoice in the pillar that shall amply prop up your next voyage’s luggage requirements: American Tourister. Founded in 1933, when Rhode Islander Sol Koffler invested all the money he had in the pursuit of a dream — to produce a universally affordable hard-wearing suitcase — American Tourister is now celebrating its 90th anniversary as one of the globe’s most recognised luggage brands.

The company asserts its mission to be “to inspire the young generation of travellers to explore the world,” and a noble goal that is. As more and more of my youthful counterpart, in totally anecdotal experience, are pushing the boat — perhaps, in this case, plane — out in venturing to ever more distant lands, such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Japan, there is no better time for budding young travellers to ensure they are equipped only with the highest quality companions for travel. Of course, agreeable human company is desirable, but ultimately your airline ami is not going to be what keeps your underwear and jim-jams dry as you touch down in torrential rain.

Furthermore, given the diversity of American Tourister’s range, more sizeable hardside luggage is not the only travel tool you can get your hands on. Offering softside luggage, duffle bags, laptop bags, regular bags, and backpacks, American Tourister endeavours to provide every customer with a product that corresponds to their needs and wants. With over 5,500 points of sale across Europe, demonstrating the trust and confidence vested in the brand by clients the continent over, American Tourister’s goods are readily accessible wherever you are now and wherever you are going next.

Concerns can be assuaged concerning sustainability and environmental effects. Quite remarkably, in 2020 American Tourister, acknowledging the vitality of protecting the planet, began to employ a material called Recyclex™ in their products. Made from recycled PET bottles, this alternative to traditional inner linings and outer fabrics reduces the impact on the planet which the latter continue to affect. In 2022, 12% of products sold were fabricated using this Recyclex™ technology; more than 3.4 million 500ml PET plastic bottles — equivalent to 69 tons of plastic — were given a fresh start within an American Tourister product. Nor is this the sole prong of the brand’s environmental strategy; American Tourister baggage is designed with durability and maximum lifespan in mind, preventing as much as is possible worn and torn products from being sent to landfill, augmenting waste and refuse. Rigorous testing standards and warranties enable you to travel with confidence that, not only is your suitcase sustainable, but that it is sustainable, reliable, and conceived of with excellence in mind.

Two of American Tourister’s most popular product lines are its Aerostep and StarVibe ranges. The former, with its ribbed design and Polypropylene constitution, is strong and made to last. Visually appealing, Aerostep bags are also designed to be ergonomically manoeuvrable, highly spacious — thanks to effective interior organisation — and secure for travel: all sizes are protected by a TSA-approved 3-digit lock. The StarVibe collection, on the other hand, offers bags in an even greater number of diverse and eye-catching colours. Built with shock absorbing double wheels, Parisian cobblestones need never again inspire such fear in the humble traveller. Containing an interior with plastic loops for make-up brushes, a washable wet pouch divider for liquids, and open elastic pockets on both sides, the StarVibe line is versatile and all-purpose.

So, whatever your travels qualms may be, whether they correspond to those I personally set out earlier or otherwise, there are solutions with which you can travel more confidently, more comfortably, and less concernedly. Check out American Tourister today and see if they can facilitate your next adventure.

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