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Advice for the Emerging St Andrews Photographer

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Going to university in such a uniquely stunning setting was the primary motivator for building my photography skills and getting involved in the photography life of St Andrews.

When I moved into McIntosh, in my first year, I was blown away by the picture-perfect view of West Sands from my floor to ceiling window. That was just the beginning. I found my-self wanting to capture the beauty of St Andrews every time I turned a new and exciting street corner. I started to bring my camera everywhere and lamented the times that I forgot it in my room while in a rush to get to class. During the spring of 2020, with nothing else to do, I finally found the motivation and confidence to get involved in the St Andrews online fashion blog, Concrete Catwalk, as well as ST.ARTMagazine. I found that this was the perfect way to get introduced to editorial photography and meet other students with the same interests. This upcoming fall semester, I will be continuing this involvement as the Photography Editor for The Saint.

So, to any budding photographers starting at St Andrews this September, my advice would be to apply to the photography position that pops up on your Facebook feed. Bring your camera with you to capture the undoubtedly rowdy and sweet moments that make up the quintessential first year experience. I promise you will not regret it.

Abigal Mason - Photography Editor

Ollie Grimes - third Year Financial Economics & Management Ascot, UK

In my first year, I started off working with Concrete Catwalk, which was a great way to gain experience and meet people around town across multiple events. Before coming to St Andrew's, I'd only ever worked with friends or done street work, so doing projects was a significant shift. I also did some events with Concrete and Vivid, which was unfortunately short-lived due to COVID.

In my second year, I was part of the FS team and will continue to be this coming year. Despite everything, we managed to do some great projects around town and go up to the Highlands. Hopefully, a show will come together this year, and we can work on some of the great projects we have planned. Outside of this, I've done bits and pieces for various societies and groups such as The Accidentals, Beach Chukkas and the Procession Calendar.

Also, by far my favourite photography experience in town, my Sunday morning walk to explore the town. This is very weather and hangover dependant and must include a hot chocolate stop. Over the next year, I'm hoping to continue enjoying it, meeting more new people and potentially doing some graduation photos at the end of the year.

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