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Your Horoscope 25/11–5/12

Mazel Tov, it’s Sag season! Mercury, the planet of communication, will also be transiting this impulsive and adventurous sign from December 1st–20th. However, the biggest up- coming astrological event is the total solar eclipse on 4 December—the final in a series on the Gemini–Sagittarius axis which began on 5 June, 2020. Remember, you should always read for your rising sign, which you can find by putting your birth date, time, and place into an online natal chart generator like Cafe Astrology or Astro Seek.

Aries (21 March–20 April) With Mercury entering your ninth house of philosophy and travel, you want to expand your knowledge and experience as many new ideas as possible. As the solar eclipse also happens here, you could find yourself pushed into new territories (whether physical or intellectual).

Taurus (21 April–21 May) As mercury enters your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth, you might be having lots of deep conversations or uncovering hidden truths. The solar eclipse also occurring here signifies a time of great inner transformation.

Gemini (22 May–21 June) As mercury transits your seventh house of balance and long-term relationships, your thoughts might be centering around your partnerships. With the solar eclipse occurring in the same house, questions about your close relationships could come into play.

Cancer (22 June–22 July) Mercury entering your sixth house of routine and work could see you very focused on organization and daily tasks. The solar eclipse happening in the same house points to transformation in career path.

Leo (23 July–22 August) As Mercury enters your fifth house of artistic pursuits and pleasure, you may be feeling very creative or like the life of the party. With the solar eclipse occurring in the same sector of your chart, you could be grappling with issues of self-expression and changes in the way you experience joy.

Virgo (23 August–23 September) With Mercury entering your fourth house of family and home, you could be having more conversations with relatives or wanting to spend more time alone. The eclipse happen- ing here points to transformation in the ways you relate to your family, your past, or your living arrangement.

Libra (24 September–23 October) As Mercury enters your third house of communications, you can expect to be very social and enjoy a period of great intellectual pursuit. With the solar eclipse happening in the same house, a shift could occur in how you present yourself to others.

Scorpio (24 October–23 November) As Mercury transits your second house of material wealth, you might be wanting to splurge on purchases or take stock of your personal finances. This house also rules self-esteem, so the solar eclipse happening here points to a transformation in the way you relate to yourself and the ways in which you move through the world.

Sagittarius (24 November–21 December ) With mercury entering your first house of self, you will have all eyes on you and probably find yourself very social. The solar eclipse happening in your own sign means you will greatly feel the effects, as it is pushing you to release any self-limiting beliefs.

Capricorn (22 December–20 January) As mercury transits your 12th house of the subconscious, you will be wanting to spend more time alone with your thoughts. With the solar eclipse also happening here, you might become aware of something which was previously veiled, or experience some sort of spiritual breakthrough.

Aquarius (21 January–19 February) Mercury traveling through your 11th house of friends and community points to you being very social over the coming weeks. With the solar eclipse happening here, you might experience transformation in the way you relate to friendship or notice changes in your social circle.

Pisces (20 February–20 March) As mercury enters your tenth house of career, you will find yourself more occupied with career goals. An eclipse in this house can bring public recognition for your accomplishments, or a desire to change your career path entirely.

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