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Your Horoscope 11/11–25/11

It’s eclipse season, which means nothing will ever be the same again. The house which the eclipse falls in will govern the area of life which will be most affected and face deep-rooted change. As always, read for your rising sign (you can find this information by putting your birth date, time, and place into an online birth chart calculator like Cafe Astrology or Astro Seek).

Aries (21 March–20 April) With the eclipse occurring in your second house of material possessions, you will be learning that nothing is solid or permanent in this world. Your relationship to money and the ways in which you manage it might also begin to shift.

Taurus (21 April–21 May) This eclipse will signify the beginning of a period of change in your life. Occurring in your first house of self, you may find your sense of identity uproot- ed or in flux over the next two years.

Gemini (22 May–21 June) As the 12th house rules our deepest psyche, the eclipse occurring here might unearth secrets or that which lingers in the shadows. You will be prompted to spend more time alone and focus on exploring your own subconscious.

Cancer (22 June–22 July) With the eclipse occurring in your 11th house of friends, you might notice a change in the way you relate to groups of people or in reach a turning point in an individual friendship.

Leo (23 July–22 August) As the eclipse passes through your tenth house, career matters come to a head. You might receive news which alters the course of your job, or simply begin to shift your goals in that sector.

Virgo (23 August–23 September)

The eclipse occurring in your ninth house of higher education and philosophy could see you exploring new cultures or perspectives which radically alter your own. Long distance travel is also ruled by the ninth house, so you might be planning a trip or simply spending time with people from foreign countries.

Libra (24 September–23 October)

This eclipse happening in your eighth house of sex, death, and re- birth signifies the potential for deep personal transformation. This house rules other’s money, so it is a good time to pay off debt or receive money that is owed to you.

Scorpio (24 October–23 November)

As the eclipse passes through your seventh house, you will be facing change in your long-term relationships. Whether that means new beginnings or endings, or simply new chapters, is open-ended, but you will inevitably grow through transformation of existing relationships or the formation of new ones.

Sagittarius (24 November–21 December ) With the eclipse occurring in your sixth house of health and daily habits, you could be more focused on physical wellbeing or mental health. Your everyday routines could undergo some sort of transformation, or a change in your work environment could occur.

Capricorn (22 December–20 January)

The fifth house rules fun, so you can expect to be out and about, getting a little wild as the eclipse falls here. You may face changes in the way you relate to pleasure, or take up a new creative hobby.

Aquarius (21 January–19 February)

The fourth house rules home and family, so you might be experiencing change and greater emotional resonance in those areas as the eclipse passes through here. You could be thinking of moving, or simply trans- forming your space in any sense. Relationships with family members might take center stage in your life now, and you might be more vulnerable to issues which could arise from them.

Pisces (20 February–20 March) As the eclipse happens in your third house rules communications, you could see a flurry of emails or phone calls overtake your everyday. Any writing projects you’ve been working on may come to a head, offering you positive opportunities. This house rules siblings and neighbors, so you could reach a turning point in those relationships or see them take greater importance in your life

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