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Welly Ball Kicks off the Year in Style

Last Sunday the Welly Ball team kicked Freshers week off with their annual launch party. Held at the Vic, the event was the official launch of their Welly Ball, which is to take place in the second half of this semester.

The evening was slick and professional, a testament to the high production values that the Welly Ball committee has come to be known for. Attendees of the sold-out event were in high spirits as they packed into both the main and social bars at the Vic from 10pm to drink and dance the night away. With union tickets priced at an extortionate £9 this year, the event was relatively inexpensive at £12, with profits going to charity. The DJ sets were dynamic, and the combination of house and dance tracks created an energetic atmosphere which afforded guests the opportunity to let off steam and set the tone for a lively week of events. Moreover, the evening promised that the ball itself is to be as polished and enjoyable as ever.

Established in 2007, the Welly Ball is Scotland’s largest black-tie dinner and one of St Andrews’ most popular events. Every year, the ball welcomes over 2000 people to Kinkell Byre for a dinner and dance with a unique caveat - black tie attire is to be accompanied by welly boots. Easily the most comfortable night of the year, it is additionally an impressive charity fundraiser for the Charlie Waller Trust, a charity which works to provide support to young people with mental health problems and reduce the associated stigmas.

In conversation with The Saint, Marisa Singh, Welly’s Head of Charity and Community, spoke about how she felt the launch event was a successful start to this year’s charity and awareness campaign.

“Welly ball is excited to be raising money for the Charlie Waller Trust for the 9th year in a row”, she said.

“We are proud to support a cause that directly affects many school and university students. It is also Charlier Waller’s 25th anniversary this year, and Welly Ball is honoured to be commemorating this milestone with them. We hope to continue the conversation around mental health for years to come!”

As the first official event of the academic year, the launch set a high standard for other groups to follow. However, with a team as established as the Welly Ball, it can certainly be questioned whether they could be more ambitious in the future. They do what they do exceptionally well: delivering exemplary traditional nights out which are professional and popular. With their resources and expertise, perhaps we can hope for even bigger and better things from them in the future.

Images: Caroline Vining

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