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To signify the start of the St Andrews fashion show season, VS2024 gathered friends, family, and designers alike to the Hotel Du Vin to pay homage to the question ‘What is art?’ through this year’s theme: Avant-Garde. 


Excited that I could finally put my two semesters of Art History knowledge to use, I liked that the expression, embodying innovation and experimentation, encouraged pushing boundaries with bold colours and textures. It permeated every aspect of the show, from the fashion designs that pushed the limits of imagination to the daring change of direction for the collective group. 


VS Creatives established their reputation for curating a distinct hip-hop house party atmosphere in 2018, spotlighting the iconic street style of St Andrews. In previous years the show was characterised by its relaxed standing audience and commercial dancers during the show. VS seems to have gone from street to seat this year, in what can be described as a passion project, where innovation has met inspiration. The directors curated an intimate environment that felt like the first look at a new season collection. In a snug enclave within the hotel's confines, it felt full to the brim of satisfied watchers, not having to push to the front for an unobstructed view. 


Sat among us were some of the designers a refreshing change from other shows that have segregated tiers of seating. Well selected, these collections fostered a sense of communal celebration of artistic expression. One of note was Cairistiona Rose Fletcher, whose synthesis of modern-day photographs with family photographs and newspaper cuttings embodied the spirit of boundary-pushing creativity, celebrating heritage and origin, whilst looking at how they move forward into the future for new generations to enjoy.


True to Hotel du Vin fashion, the cost of your usual gin and tonic was a shocker, but that was to be anticipated as soon as they handed over the individual bottle of Fever Tree Tonic. However, this proved to be a non-issue as it was made up for by the complimentary Janetta’s, a sponsor for this year’s show, which was enjoyed during the editorial video of the models having an Avant-Garde style food fight during the intermission.


The goal of VS has always been to create a legacy, its growth is a testament to the unwavering commitment to creativity. On the night, every model and committee member had the same purpose and seemed inseparable. This stems from Creative Director Tallulah Swinscoe’s long-standing relationship with the collective. She explained that VS is her family… “From starting as a model to now as Creative Director, my time with VS has been marked by profound growth.” She has propelled VS forward by nurturing its progression into a beacon of Avant-Garde expression that is a fertile ground for the evolution of the VS landscape. I have never been more excited to see what a show will do next year.

Photo: Noé de la Croix

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