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University Strategy Announced

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

The University Court has approved the University’s 2022-2027 Strategy, announced Principal Sally Mapstone in an email to University staff and students.

The Strategy lays out five themes — World-leading, Diverse, Digital, Sustainable, and Entrepreneurial — which are “underpinned by [the University’s] continuing commitment to social responsibility.”

The strategy outlines several objectives for each of these strategies along with describing how the objectives will be delivered and what indicators

The Strategy is available for reference online. Hard copies will be available but “in limited print runs, in keeping with a digital-first ethos, and a commitment to sustainable practice”.

In the email, Principal Mapstone described the Strategy as “a live document in every sense”, stating that “[the University] will, if necessary, refine it over its lifespan.

The introduction of the Strategy states, “As we publish our University’s refreshed Strategy, there is war in Europe, and a cost-of-living crisis is exacerbating inequalities. The long tail of Covid lingers, the climate emergency begs ever more urgent intervention, digital technology signals profound changes for the way we live and work, and major constitutional and cultural questions are being asked in this country and others. Universities exist for the pursuit of truth and scholarship but in executing that privilege we must also serve.”

The Strategy was “refreshed in partnership and consultation with our staff and students” and has the fundamental goal of “[attracting] and [nurturing] the best staff and the most promising students from around the world, and [providing] an environment in which they can produce their best work for maximum societal benefit.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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