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University of St Andrews Joins Prestigious Turing University Network

On Friday 6 October, the University of St Andrews announced its entry into the Turing University Network, a group providing a broad network for all UK universities interested in data sciences and AI to "engage and collaborate" with each other.

The University Network is a key component of the Turing strategy, aimed at changing the world for the better with data science and AI. The network says that it supports the Turing strategy in achieving its goals of advancing world-class research and applying it to national and global challenges, building skills for the future, and driving informed public conversation. Creating a space where interests align across research, innovation, skills, and engagement, opportunities for meaningful collaboration arise.

The network holds multiple events on the UK's AI and data science landscape, hosted by various universities across the UK. The Turing University Network currently has 65 member universities across the UK and first launched as a pilot in April 2023, opening membership to universities in the early summer.

In a press release, the university acknowledged the critical benefits of joining the network including better access to research collaborations, extended impact and outreach, the ability for knowledge sharing and training, and increased visibility due to the network's reputation.

The release said that by joining the network, "St Andrews will become part of a national data science and AI community that does not exist elsewhere in the UK".

The university's distinct approach to, and interest in, using a sustainable and digital strategy looks to foster new relationships concerning pressing global challenges such as climate change mitigation, biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable planning. All of which will, hopefully, further enhance "our world-leading research in data science and AI" according to Tom Brown (Vice Principal Research, Collections, and Innovation).

The lead contact for membership to the Turing Network, Dr Fernando Benitez-Paez from the School of Geography and Sustainable Development, said, that "by joining this network, we can collectively contribute with a wide range of experts to not only drive meaningful academic breakthroughs but also to develop practical solutions that promote sustainability and social good on a global scale."

Image: Oliver Keenan

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