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University Announces Honourary Winter Graduates

Several prominent figures will attend the University of St Andrews’ winter graduation to receive honourary degrees. The ceremonies will take place Tuesday 19 November and St Andrew’s Day, Wednesday 30 November.

Margaret Atwood, internationally renowned author, is among the honorees. She will receive a Doctor of Letters (DLitt) on 30 November’s 10.30am graduation for her career as a novelist, essayist, and poet. Ms Atwood, who has published 17 novels, eight children’s books, several poems, short stories, and scripts, is best known for her novel The Handmaid’s Tale. The book, which was nominated for the Booker Prize, was adapted into an Emmy award-winning Hulu series.

Lord Alf Dubs, a Labour Peer, will also graduate with a Doctor of Law (LDD) on 29 November at 10.30am. Lord Dubs fled Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia (presently Czech Republic) in 1939 and spent his career standing up for refugee rights, specifically child refugees. Lord Dubs campaigned for UK Government legislation to grant special status for unaccompanied child refugees. His campaigning resulted in legislation known as the ‘Dubs Amendment’.

Other honorees include Joan Armatrading, a GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter and guitarist, who is being awarded a Doctor of Music (DMus). Ms Armatrading has released 20 studio albums over her five-decade career and was one of the first Black British female singer-songwriters to garner international success. Nicola Benedetii, a GRAMMY award-winning violinist will also be awarded a DMus. On top of her devotion to chamber music, Ms Benedetti is an ambassador for music education.

Image: Andy Gotts

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