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Union Confirms Club 601 Reopening Date

Almost one year after the music stopped in Club 601, the venue finally has a planned reopening date.


Speaking to The Saint, Lucy Brook, Director of Events and Services at the University of St Andrews Students’ Association, ,  confirmed that the venue will reopen during Freshers’ Week in  September 2024.


This has been a very important deadline for us as we know how many Freshers’ Weeks have been disrupted in recent years with Covid, the Queen’s passing and then RAAC last year.”


“Whilst it will not be my privilege to do so, the Union is invested in ensuring it delivers an amazing Freshers’ Week 2024 for not only new students but also those who have not be [sic] able to enjoy 601 for the past year.”


Following roofing inspections in March 2023, specialist contractors advised the closure of the venue due to  the building’s use of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC). RAAC is a type of lightweight, aerated concrete. Its lifespan and stability are subjects of concern within the building industry. 

Construction to replace the roof over Club 601 began in the summer of 2023. The project encountered  some bumps, however, with its ultimate size causing delays.


Ms Brook said, “The original timeline had us optimistically reopening for St Patricks [sic] Day, however there were setbacks in relation to safety and the inherent difficulties with accessing the site due to its location.”


“The complex scaffolding structure, that has been erected to allow for the safe removal of the RAAC, required a vast amount of careful planning and preparatory work in order to ensure the safety of not only the contractors but also the existing venue, this included the removal of walls and ceilings for the support structures to be installed.”


The absence of the venue, particularly the StAge performance area, has significantly impacted the Student Union, most notably in  the capacity of the building and its ability to run various events. Its bi-weekly club nights on Wednesdays and Fridays take place in the Main Bar, while the Beacon Bar now serves as  a small nightclub. Student-led plays were forced to change venues, with Julius Caesar having to relocate to Younger Hall.


The reopened Club 601 will see some significant refurbishments outside of the roof. New walls and sound systems are currently being installed, while residents in the area will be happy to learn that the venue will be fitted with improved soundproofing.

Image courtesy of University of St Andrews

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