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Top 5 Events This Week

The Saint highlights the hottest events of the week.

The 1794 Ball (11 November 2022)

This Friday, the St Andrews Union Debating Society will host the 1794 Ball. “Regency-themed and full of magic and mystery”, it promises to be a glamorous night which will take place in the grandeur of the Hotel du Vin Ballroom. The group promises attendees a true Regency society experience: tickets are £25 and can be purchased via the Union website.

Boozy Bingo (12 November 2022)

The Charities Campaign’s Boozy Bingo returns! This Saturday night, join the group in the 601 for a raucous game of Bingo. The event is in collaboration with Women for Women International, a non-profit organisation that provides support for female survivors of war. To support this organisation and have the chance to win the many prizes on offer, tickets are £5 and can be purchased via the USACC website.

Pippin! (15-17 November 2022)

Next week Stephen Schwartz’s timeless musical Pippin comes to the Byre. We follow the young prince Pippin who returns from university with hopes of finding his purpose in life. The story is told by a group of travelling actors, led by the Leading Player. It is a tale of love, war, magic, and recognizing that the road of happiness is not a straight path with only one destination. Tickets are available on the Byre website.

Szentek (17 November 2022)

Join over 800 guests next Thursday at Fallside Mill for an ordered and curated chaos of light and sound that will transport you to a world far from the mediaeval stoned walls of St Andrews. Expect soul-shaking sound, mouth-watering video, sustainable art installations and many more surprises. Tickets are £35 and can be purchased on the website.

Small Pond (18 November 2022)

Join DJs Corran (Polka Dot Disco Club) and Ben Sanders (Szentek) next Friday at Legends Bar in Anstruther for a taste of big-city sounds in a brilliant local venue and a full night of techno, rave and donk music. Growing up in Fort William, Corran understands the importance of nightlife in small towns and seeks to build community through dance. Tickets are just £3 and can be purchased on the door.

Illustration: Sarah Knight

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