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The Best of STAR: Student Radio Shows That Are Worth a Listen

Radio is an increasingly neglected form of media in this age of streaming and ever-increasing music availability. Let’s combat this increasing indifference to the airwaves by supporting the very best of student radio here at St Andrews. STAR: St Andrews Radio is an internet radio station founded in 2005 and is run entirely by volunteer students. This is not a comprehensive list by any means but here are some of the best shows on STAR, with something for everyone.

Hot Drinks (Drunks) and Good Company (Mondays 8pm) @hot- drinks_goodcompany

Deserving winner of Best New Show in 2020/21, co-hosts Tabby and Lou are on air for a third semester running. In their most recent sea- son, they have made a shift from speaking to their guests about their favourite hot drinks to discussing their go-to alcoholic beverages. If you wisely decide to tune in on Monday evening, expect a casual natter about drunken memories, different people’s attitudes to drinking and some rather niche drinks of choice.

Who Knows? (Tuesdays 10am) @ whoknowsstar

A relatively early show but ideal to help drag you out of bed on a cold St Andrews morning. Every Tuesday Emma Downey and Harriet St Pier ask for three words from their listeners and see where the conversation takes them. Top tunes and all-round good chat, Who Knows? is one of STAR’s most comforting shows, al- ways with generous helpings of One Direction. Give it a listen if you’re in dire need of some morning motivation as deadlines are piling and we reluctantly near exam season. Follow them on Instagram if you fancy offer- ing some words for their next show.

The Appreciation Station (Wednesdays 2pm) @theapprecia- tionstation2803

Sounds to saturate your being and sensitise your soul. A more mu- sic-heavy show, perfect if you’re in search of some song recommendations to freshen up your playlists. Each week Trinny Duncan and Freddy Wickham share their Song of the Week and explore a different genre of music in a song exchange. With the co-hosts’ diverging tastes in mu- sic, it’s amusing to hear them bicker about what counts as “indie”. Previ- ous shows have focused on jazz, folk, rock, indie, alternative and a show on sampling is currently in the works.

What’s Poppin’? (Thursdays 9pm)

STAR’s only Pop Culture x Gos- sip Hour. For all the best hits of the pop divas of the 90s and 2000s, tune into Benjamin Anderson’s show on Thursday nights for a lively hour of the latest celebrity news, gos- sip and hot topics. Each show follows a pop culture theme, such as the most iconic popstar comebacks, top tracks from 2002 and bops and flops with numbers in the title.

The Living World: Biology Around the Globe (Mondays 6pm)

Every Monday self-professed bio-nerd Julia Ashley chats about interesting research findings in biology from different universities across the world. If your degree isn’t enough of a STEM fix, The Living World is an en- gaging introduction to many fields of biological research. Julia’s most recent show was centred on research from Queen Mary University of London and covered research about environmental DNA, buff tailed bumble- bees, and the origins of mammals.

The Dispatch (Fridays 11am) @ starthedispatch

Your recap of this week’s top news so you can impress your par- ents. If, like me, you’re guilty of flick- ing straight to the Arts and Culture section of any paper and are in need of a more digestible form of current affairs, tune into IR student Tom Wilson’s show, The Dispatch for a recap of all the important news of the previous week. In the most recent show Tom and his guest discussed the Foreign Affairs Society, Weapons of Mass Destruction, an update on Ukraine, the earthquake that hit northeast Japan and the upcoming season of Formula 1.

That’s What Cheese Said (Thursdays 4pm) @thatswhatcheeesesaid

That’s What Cheese Said is more than a wonderfully punny name. Join Peyton Sarrail and Taiyba Ali for a show geared towards any proud foodies. Each week they chat about their favourite dishes, current recipe inspiration, and their Cheese of the Week. The show also often includes discussions of food science, nutrition, and sustainable eating. Previous shows have explored diet culture, getting food inspiration from films, and the neurological relationship between the mind and the gut.

All shows mentioned in this article as well as all other STAR shows can be found at

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