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Students' Association Announces Review

The Students’ Association has announced a change programme, aiming to “review and refresh” the inner workings of the Student’s Association, in an attempt to encourage long-term change and development.

The Board of Trustees created a Change Committee and has appointed Antony Blackshaw to the role of Change Director. Convenor of the Change Committee and DoED, Cam Brown, said: “As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Association’s Building and look ahead to the reopening of our events space Club 601 in the summer of 2024, this Change Programme is the catalyst for a significant journey.

"It's our chance to ensure the Association, covering representation and commercial aspects, stays resilient and adaptable in our ever-evolving landscape.

"This ambitious initiative holds the potential to redefine our future, making it a milestone we can all look forward to.”

Over the next few months, every facet of the Union, from events to management, will be reviewed by Antony and his team, and a Change Plan will be produced. This plan will provide the direction and plan of action for transforming the Union, at which point “with the support of the University and our student body, [the committee] will be ready to throw everything we’ve got into making it a reality.”

Principal Professor Dame Sally Mapstone DBE FRSE, who is in full support of the review, commented: “St Andrews can only benefit from a strong, independent students union dedicated to representation and truly responsive to strong student needs.

"The ambition and vision which define this programme are impressive, and I know our student leaders are determined not just to modernise, but to set new standards for what a union can, and should, be.”

Meanwhile, Barry Will, President of the Students’ Association, added: “We are at a pivotal and exciting moment for the Union, as we set our sights on delivering the premier student experience across the nation. We're proud of our top 10 status for representation, and now, we're taking it up a notch.

"Our goal is to ensure every student feels not only represented but also fully supported, and that their time in our town is as enjoyable as possible.

“Our Union is run by students and is for students, and we want to make sure their experience in St Andrews is truly unmatched.”

Image courtesy of University of St Andrews


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