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Student Dedicates 100th Round to Cancer Fundraiser

Tomorrow, Shane Metro – a fourth-year Arabic and International Relations student – will play his 100th round of golf on the Old Course, turning the personal feat into an opportunity to raise money for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.

Metro will be donating $2000 to the cancer treatment and research institution, half under his brother’s name and half for his friend, also a fourth-year student at the University, who have both battled with cancer.

So far, Metro has raised £4,628.

Playing at the historic course once is an accomplishment for most golfers. Playing 100 times within the space of two years is something quite different.

Established in 1552, the Old Course at St Andrews is the most famous course in the world and, for better or for worse, attracts celebrities and US presidents alike.

Speaking with The Saint, Metro said, “My goal is to make this occasion bigger than myself. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to play the Old [Course] 100 times now and I thought it would be a great occasion to do some good and raise some money for a cause that is very personal to me. I’ve been blown away by the results of the fundraiser and look forward to seeing how much more we can raise!”

Metro first played on the Old Course in the autumn of his second year, caddying during the 150th Open tournament this summer, and has kept a record of the number of times he has played since.

At 8:20am tomorrow, Metro will tee off in front of the Royal & Ancient, supported by his friends from The Dunvegan Bar that he frequents.

Metro told The Saint that he was inspired by the strength and courage that his loved ones had shown in their fight against cancer.

On the fundraiser page on Facebook, Metro writes, “I have also seen first-hand through hospital visits to see my brother how incredible the nurses and doctors are at Memorial Sloan Kettering. These people are truly making miracles happen every day. So, please donate if you can! Any donation to this cause is greatly appreciated! Let’s beat cancer together.”

Metro added that there will be a “little” celebration post round, and that everybody is welcome to join.

Image: Shane Metro

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