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Sponsored Article: Local Student Storage

We all know how it goes towards the last few weeks of second term. On top of the obvious exam stress, there’s also the rush to find housing, finalising your summer plans, and, to top it all off, the yearly question of, ‘what the heck am I supposed to do with all of my crap?’

As an international student, as many of us are, bringing our things home with us isn’t an option. For local students, bringing all of your things home can just be an expensive hassle. The obvious solution? Putting your stuff in storage! More specifically, Local Student Storage.

Founded by Harry Bremner in 2015, the roots of Local Student Storage help them to understand and accommodate the needs of students. As a St Andrews undergraduate himself at the time, Bremner noticed the need for students to find a place to keep all of their things in St Andrews while they were away for the summer.

Beginning in the attic of his friend’s house, Bremner and Local Student Storage have grown to offer service to thousands of students across St Andrews and Edinburgh, and are the best reviewed storage company in St Andrews. In constant dedication to their roots, Local Student Storage prioritises students, ensuring that the entire process is seamless and stress-free. Local Student storage’s mission to be as transparent, as affordable, as accessible as possible allows us, as students, to check off packing and storage from our ‘things to stress about’ list.

Their website, which has recently been revamped and is incredibly easy to use, allows you to get a quote in under 30 seconds. This way, you won’t have to factor in a hypothetical price for storage in your summer budget; you’ll just know.

There are several storage options you can choose from, all which include free pickup and drop off. If you decide to store your things with Standard Boxes (457x305x305mm for £4.00 a month) or Large Boxes (457x457x457mm for £8.00 a month), Local Student Storage will also bring you these boxes, along with tape, for no extra charge. You can also store your own suitcase/bag (under 25KG for £10.00 a month), a large item or your own trunk (under 30KG in weight for £12.00 a month), or your own boxes (under 20KG for £8.00 a month). They even offer bike storage (for £15.00 a month)!

After you’ve made your booking, Local Student Storage’s up to date technology and tracking systems allows you to change your drop off dates and track your things, if needed. If anything does happen to your belongings at the hands of Local Student Storage, which rarely (if ever) happens, those things will be covered by Local Student Storage.

Not only does Local Student Storage prioritise your needs as a student, they also consider what impact they can make to those in need outside of St Andrews. Stemming from a past initiative in which Local Student Storage collected and donated items to a homeless charity in Fife, Local Student Storage are now offering you the opportunity to aid those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

Think about all the things you throw out at the end of the semester. Even worse, think of all of the things you keep that you never use, that could be a blessing to someone else. When you pack your things up this summer, instead of binning or keeping things that haven’t seen the daylight in years, you can box them up along with your storage to be donated to people struggling in Ukraine. Simply mark the box of donations as such, let Local Student Storage know that you would like to donate, and, easy as that, you’ve killed two birds with one stone by contributing to an important cause and getting rid of things you never use.

As an affordable, transparent, and friendly company, Local Student Storage’s commitment to the community they serve and to communities in need is truly the cherry on top of the cake. With their help this summer, you can easily store your things and donate to helping people struggling in Ukraine.

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