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Samsonite: Sustainable in Style

Introducing the Manufacturer's Ecodiver Range

As we all settle back into St Andrews after our reading week trips, another one may seem off the cards, yet Samsonite ensures us that no excursion is too far away. Trundling a suitcase through the crowds or lumping it onto a train, is a mighty pain which sees us all wishing we’d just stayed at home and had a cup of tea. The leading luggage company, Samsonite, with their new Ecodiver range, in sustainable fashion, pays close attention to security and comfort. Ensuring a suitcase’s versatility is a key objective of the company, allowing you to dive into the next European city on your bucket list or even just the odd trip to Edinburgh.

Hailing 113 years of innovation, the company was founded in 1910 and started off with the introduction of a modest wooden trunk which sought strength. Samsonite has grown immensely since then, now a world leader in trustworthy luggage. With over 100 years on its back, it is clear to see why they are lauded for quality bags which appeal to the eager tourist and the daily commuter alike.

Looking more closely to the newly introduced Ecodiver range, Samsonite have striven to revitalise sustainability in the everyday item, whilst combining practicality with style. Cultivated with detail, Ecodiver is made from recycled materials which is part of the company’s Recyclex™ Material Technology Initiative and aligning with its Responsible Journeys’ sustainable strategy. An integral part of its sustainable design is its recycled textiles alongside its water-resistant coating. Samsonite highlights that inclement weather should not stop you in your tracks, the range encourages you to explore no matter what.

Moving towards increased sustainability has dominated retailers’ aims and rightly so; Samsonite embraces this and uses it to its advantage, continuing that very innovation. Incorporating strength and durability, Ecodiver steps out as a unique and assorted range which includes smaller items like daypacks and travel backpacks to suitcases, all in various designs and colours. It's certainly easy as a student to book a cheap holiday without thinking about luggage; Samsonite rather affectionately state that Ecodiver will have your back every step of the way.

The company is clear in showcasing the Ecodiver’s many attributes:


What many look for in a suitcase is safety, the Ecodiver hosts reflective details which improve visibility, alongside assured safety in the TSA lock. Your valuables and your holiday outfits are certain to be neatly and safely tucked away.

Water Resistance

As mentioned before, an attractive quality of Ecodiver rests within its coated layer which makes the fabric water resistant up to 1.500mm water column. Furthermore, via its vacuum lamination, the products are both waterproof and abrasion-resistant, ensuring the slick and stylish quality of your luggage remains for everyone in the city to see.

Multiple Handles

We all strive to find something that's easy to carry, particularly in busy streets when it can be quite strenuous heaving your whole wardrobe amidst the unforgiving crowds. Ecodiver diminishes this fear, opting for a multiple handle design which includes top, bottom, side and front handles— you certainly will not find Ecodiver hard to carry.

Made with Recycled Materials

Within the range, both the outer and inner lining of the Ecodiver products are made with 100% recycled post-consumer waste, using between 4 and 47 recycled bottles per model. Moreover, the interior fabric is ‘solution dyed’, removing the dying process of fabric which sees water and dye usage cut. The black trim is also made from 95% recycled industrial waste Nylon. Samsonite with Ecodiver are fuelled by sustainability and implement this across the different parts of the bags, creating a range which is sustainable by name and by heart.

Looking at the company’s ‘Responsible Journey’ on sustainability, Samsonite takes their heritage of innovation, quality, and durability, and fits it within a modern perspective. This is a goal which is not limiting them but propelling them forward, with an aim to become the most sustainable lifestyle bag and travel luggage company in the world.

A key part of their sustainability goal is repair centres—the company is able to repair accidental damage to luggage at one of their 200 repair centres across the globe. Furthermore, the company has also set key carbon reduction targets, aiming to become carbon neutral by 2025, whilst also looking to reduce this within production.

Unpacking the range, us students require much compact storage after all cheap flights mean a limit on how much luggage we can take. The Ecodiver’s compartments provide that flexibility we need by having a C-shape front compartment and a main interior designed with a mesh divider pocket which allows storage of small items. The slickness of the design is also maintained by matching the colour details with the exterior design.

Looking at the various models that feature in the range, it's not hard to see why the company is so well renowned, all the designs appear smooth and efficient. In particular, the duffle bag seems a great choice for short city breaks where luggage is of limited capacity. Coming in a ‘Blue Nights’ colour, the bag has backpack straps which are stored in the top pocket. The duffle bag appears easy to carry and comes in various sizes, which of course may vary on the nature of the trip. It is versatile but ultimately gives stability for what can sometimes be bewildering student adventures.

If you require more room and prefer a suitcase, Spinner seems the perfect choice, coming in both yellow and blue nights colours. The product is also available in 55cm and 79cm, featuring all of the previously mentioned features, especially the C shape front compartment which allows you to squeeze in that last dress or even some books which you may want to have easy access to. The Spinner is at the heart of what Ecodiver is all about; it is logical and it is quality.

I am admittedly guilty of not caring much about the quality of my suitcases, but Samsonite has highlighted that we should, especially if we are to be more environmentally conscious in our lives. The Ecodiver is tremendous in using sustainable methods whilst continuing sustainability, by ensuring that you will hold onto your Ecodiver for the significant future.

Ecodiver is limitless, take it anywhere and boast style, stability, and all in sustainable fashion.

Images: Samsonite

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