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Revival: VS Creatives Come Back to Life

VS Creatives have come back to life after covid and returned with a vengeance. Their second round of events this semester, aptly named VS: Revival, saw two events back-to-back in the centre of town in one night. The first, a showcase of the VS Creatives’ vision for the year, was held at The Adamson Bar. The second event of the night was a more significant club event at The Vic. While The Adamson Showcase allowed a select group to witness the relaunch of VS branding for the year, The Vic event harkened back to the origins of VS.

From their inaugural event, a house party in Fife Park in 2018, VS creatives have established their reputation for a unique hip-hop house

party environment that showcases the iconic street style of St Andrews. These origins shone through in the announcements of the night, including the VS brand promises, which set a new standard for the student fashion groups of St Andrews.

The Showcase allowed the VS Creatives to present a sneak peek of their vision for VS events and content post covid. This first part of the night delivered on the promise of “more creativity and more drive than ever.” The models and organisers exemplified the street style look of VS that is well-loved among seasoned VS attendees. The Adamson was not overly decorated per the VS theme. However, the singular disco ball was all that was needed to highlight the fashion looks surrounding you.

These outfits also served as an introduction to VS style for those who missed out on VS20 Urban. As VS first and only fashion show, VS20 Urban was a successful night that was memorable for all who attended. This was not least because it was one of the last events to go ahead before the UK entered national lockdown in March 2020. With one successful show under their belt, VS is set to have a transformative year as venues reopen for students craving nights of music and fashion experiences.

The Showcase Afterparty welcomed even more students to enjoy the classic night of intoxicating music and unique visions. The fashion of attendees was exceptional as everyone retrieved their best post-lockdown dressed-up street style looks, for which VS is known. These sights were accompanied by visual projections of VS projects and models, which completed the immersive environment.

As with many other events, VS chose to use only one of The Vic’s two dance floors. This format ensured that the dancing environment was as crowded and chaotic as possible, a joyful experience after a year of barely seeing a group of more than five people in one place. The dancing was accompanied by a succession of hit Hip-Hop songs. VS should be your next ticket purchase if you have missed screaming Cardi B at the top of your lungs.

Events are not the only aspect of the VS creatives group. Following many larger international fashion groups, VS Creatives released its three brand promises. These promises centre on inclusivity, sustainability and transparency. Such goals are ambitious; however, the actionable parts of these commitments could change how St Andrews fashion groups function.

As part of their commitment to inclusivity, every individual who applies to VS Creatives receives a role within the group. This was designed to combat the notoriously exclusive culture surrounding fashion and music groups in St Andrews. Application processes and positions on many of the fashion committees are fiercely sought contested. This has created a mystique around many other fashion groups. However, VS are committed to ensuring that every student is able to contribute to their work if they so desire. This approach is certainly refreshing. Other groups in St Andrews could consider this as a new standard going forward. The benefits of diversity and inclusivity are wide-ranging and particularly applicable to creative processes. VS may be the first St Andrews group with this policy but it hopefully will not be the only one.

The second brand promise that was announced as part of VS: Revival was sustainability. As a hot topic in fashion for many years, sustainability is not a revolutionary commitment. However, VS has gone further than promising a sustainable focus and committed to showcasing second-hand and reworked fashion pieces in their shows. According to McKinsey & Company, the fashion industry contributes 4% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. This equates to the emissions of the British, French, and German economies. Small commitments, such as VS promise to avoid fast fashion brands and creators, are a step towards rectifying these issues.

Finally, the VS brand promise to increase transparency looks to be the most interesting commitment. Their goal is to showcase the inner workings of the group, something that other more exclusive St Andrews groups may never consider. The brand promise commits to showcasing behind-the-scenes content on their digital platforms. Another interesting aspect is a commitment to allowing all members of their group to access an open central workspace. For VS, gone are the days of exclusive committee structures and password protected planning.

VS has, from its inception, been a group apart from the rest. While BPM provides Hip-Hop nights through a semester; VS hosts more frequently and with an added fashion aspect. Other fashion shows include some street style looks; VS showcases street style on a regular basis at club night events. These small differences set aside a VS event from the multitude of club nights, house parties, and huge fashion shows. VS: Revival brought a night of fun at two of St Andrews most popular venues and a new standard for student groups moving forward. While we await the announcement of new events from the VS Creatives, it is safe to say that their place in St Andrews nightlife has been solidified.

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