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Rally Announced in Support of Ukraine

The University of St Andrews is holding a rally for peace 30 March, 2022 in response to a call to action from Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky. Students and staff are invited to meet on Lower College Lawn at 5:15PM and march down to West Sands, or to meet marchers at West Sands at 5:45PM.

There, the participants will form a human chain as a form of protesting the war and the Russian government’s actions. Everyone is asked to wear yellow and blue, the color of Ukraine’s flag. All participants will be given a replica of the flag or the sunflower symbol.

Aerial photography will be used to capture the moment, and both those who are and are not in attendance are encouraged to share the photo to raise awareness.

In an email to staff and students announcing the rally, Principal and Vice-Chancellor Sally Mapstone, Rector Leyla Hussein, and Association President Lottie Doherty said, “All are welcome. St Andrews is a small community, but its geography means we have a chance to make a statement which belies our size. We’re delighted that this event has already received the enthusiastic backing of Refugee Action St Andrews, the Students' Association, the Rector's Committee, Amnesty St Andrews, local schools, and community leaders.”

Further information can be found on the University’s Facebook page, or the University website.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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