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Police in St Andrews Warn of Latest Telephone Scam

Police in St Andrews are warning students and locals about a “tax evasion” telephone scam.

This comes after yesterday’s front page article on the failed phishing attempt by Russian hackers that was parried by Principal Sally Mapstone’s informal rules towards email etiquette.

Police are advising people to remain vigilant towards unknown callers who claim to be from the Ministry of Justice. This scam involves the callers – pretending to be from the major governmental department – accusing victims of evading tax which can warrant arrest.

The scammers order the victim to download an app on their phone in which they can pay a “fine” to cancel the warrant.

It is thought that by downloading the app, scammers will be able to take full control of their mobile phone and access their bank details.

Police say that this scam has resulted in thousands of pounds being taken from victims’ accounts.

The Ministry of Justice are aware of these scams and confirm that they will not contact people by telephone but rather, only by letter.

For those who find themselves a target of these scams, the advice is to end the call, block the number, and never transfer any money.

Reports can be made to the police for those affected.

Photo: Unsplash

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