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Photography Deputy Showcase

The new Deputy Photo Editors share some of their photos, and the stories

behind them.

Erin Yip (second year) - “My interest in photography first started when I joined the yearbook photography team back in middle school. When I began taking digital photography courses in high school, it gradually became a passion. Recently I’ve been more into film photography which has been my main outlet for creativity and inspiration.”

Helen Lipsky (second year) - “I have been taking photos for a few years now, but only started practising more seriously in March of 2020. I have an Instagram account (@photobyhelenl) for my film photography and I have taught photography at a summer camp in Maine, USA.”

Louise Anderbjörk (first year) - “My interest in photography has been with me from a young age, when I started taking photos at the stable I rode at. From then on I have worked as a photographer on nonprofit boards, grown a great interest for nature photography and had the opportunity to work at both national and international events.”

Xujun Tan (first year) - “I used to be a member of the Student Union as an undergraduate. I helped to take photos for school activities. In my free time, I like to travel and take photos while wandering.”

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