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New Update on NPH Cinema

As of 19 March, the parties involved with the transformation of the New Picture House (NPH) Cinema have announced that the two main screens, cinemas one and three, will be renovated and retained alongside the T-Squared Social sports bar entertainment. Concerned St Andrews residents are encouraged to visit the newly created website and video explaining the changes at Representatives of the project have said the plans advertised have been developed based on community feedback.

In a press release distributed by Orbit Communications on behalf of Nexus Luxury developers, it was stated that, “Any renovations and enhancements will be made to the interior, not the exterior, preserving and celebrating the building, including the name above the door”. The video on the T-Squared Social website reiterates this message, with the managing director of the cinema, David Morris, and project consultant John Menzies speaking about what will be altered.

Planned renovations of the cinema’s interior consist of the central area, situated just before the screen entrances, becoming part of the T-Squared Social lounge and bar. This will continue into the space that is currently cinema two, in which a new seating area and electronic dartboards will be added. Menzies declared in the video, “The menu at T-Squared Social will be casual and approachable, not fussy, and will have something for everyone”.

Cinema three will be retained with renovations to its seating and technology, and will be the screen that shows “a movie every day, all year round”. In cinema one, the current ground-level seating will be removed and replaced by four full-swing sports simulators. There will be a new seating area near the big screen to watch blockbuster movies or sporting events, and the balcony seating will remain. “This means that over 300 seats are going to be retained in the venue for cinemagoers”, Menzies said. Additionally, the historic decorative details on the walls and around the screen will be protected.

Morris, who has managed the cinema for over 20 years, will be continuing in his role in the transitional period of the project. “This intervention by T-Squared not only allows a cinema offering to be retained for the town, but indeed the building itself. This was not a decision we took lightly, and we felt that this was the right company to preserve what we have built up over almost 100 years,” he commented.

Managing partner for T-Squared Social Christopher Anand reassured that “the development will deliver a significant economic investment in the town, with 40 to 50 staff employed, an increase on the current 10, who will also be given the opportunity to stay with the new venture.”

Developers of the project have attempted to assuage the community’s concerns about the transformation of the beloved NPH cinema, but it remains to be seen how T-Squared Social will integrate into St Andrews culture.

Images by Orbit Communications

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