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New Crowdfunding Effort Launched by University to Support Afghan Scholars

The University of St Andrews has announced a new crowdfunding initiative to support Afghan scholars as part of their commitment to support forced migrants as a University of Sanctuary.

The University of Sanctuary: Support for Afghan scholars project aims to raise £50,000 to cover relocation, resettlement, accommodation, as well as any additional costs related to maintenance or family members.

The University of St Andrews is the second Scottish university to be recognised as a University of Sanctuary. The Universities of Sanctuary initiative recognizes those institutions of higher education which not only welcome people seeking sanctuary, but take active steps to learn about the unique challenges forced migrants face when pursuing any form of higher education.

The University has a long history of helping refugees, extending back to the 19th century. Each year the University of St Andrews not only welcomes students and academics seeking sanctuary in the UK, but also provides scholarships to those who have experienced forced migration.

The University plans to continue its work with various refugee organisations as well as the Council for at Risk Academics (Cara). Founded in 1933, and working with UK universities since 1993, Cara helps those academics who are either unable to work in their home countries, or choose to do so in the face of danger. Additionally, the University of St Andrews plans to work through its own connections with Afghan refugees directly.

This new initiative comes a few weeks after the United States finalised its withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving the government in the hands of the Taliban and the future of many Afghans uncertain.

Those who wish to get involved in the University of Sanctuary: Support for Afghan scholars project can either make a direct donation, register as a Follower or Helper to stay up-to-date on the progress of the project, or spread the word by sharing news of the project.

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