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New Advert for Bus Scheme Launched

Updated: Mar 9

In a statement issued on 23 February, the University of St Andrews announced it would be showcasing its success in saving 600 tonnes of carbon in the last year through a bus-side advertising scheme in partnership with Stagecoach.

Apart from being a response to the cost-of-living crisis, Stagecoach’s partnership with the University, launched in November 2022, is part of the University’s sustainability strategy with the goal of becoming ‘net zero’ by 2035. The scheme offers staff and students 75 per cent off bus travel across Fife. The result has been an estimated total savings of £700,000 in fares and a lowering of the town’s carbon footprint by an outstanding 614 tonnes in 2023. It received national recognition in November 2023 when it was selected as a finalist in the UK Bus Awards ‘Partnership for Excellence’ category. 

Stagecoach East Scotland’s Head of Commercial, Scott Hall, said, “It’s been amazing to see this trial scheme develop into the success it is today, with such a huge carbon reduction in the region as a result of people leaving their cars at home and using our services to get to work or to study.”


This new advertising scheme consists of advert images reflecting St Andrews and its communal culture — red gowns, golf balls, etc. — that travellers will be able to spot over the next few weeks when single-decker buses pass by the streets. Interestingly enough, each visual refers to a number reduction. For example, “The carbon saving equates to the same weight as three million fudge doughnuts, 409,000 red gowns and 13.3 million golf balls.” 


University of St Andrews Chief Operating Officer, Derek Watson, said, “The bus subsidy was just one in a series of initiatives launched by the University to support our students and staff through the cost-of-living crisis. Since then, we’ve seen upwards of 2000 people, mostly staff, using the bus discount every month, and the feedback we’ve had is that it has significantly helped cut costs in these challenging times.”


As a result of its success, the University has continued the discount scheme for a further 12 months. This initiative continues to serve as a means of encouraging students and staff to contribute to the well-being of the community through financial and environmental benefits.

Illustration by Lauren McAndrew 

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