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Manifesto Analysis: Lottie Doherty

Lottie Doherty provides a clear and comprehensive manifesto for her re-election. As the current Association President, Ms Doherty absolutely has the necessary experience to continue her role, and build upon the work she has done this year. This year’s manifesto, however, is a lot shorter and a bit less ambitious than 2021’s. It favors achievability and practicality over the more aspirational and idealized plans that we have come to expect from manifestos.


Ms Doherty outlines her plans to improve affordability in both the accommodation and financial support sections of her manifesto. She plans to work with RBS to create a hall application form, and start a rent guarantor scheme to support students in finding affordable accommodation. Ms Doherty also provides goals to expand eligibility to the Access Scholarship Scheme, and create student jobs. Her aims for affordability are no doubt achievable, and she is careful in her language not to promise too much. This hesitancy to overstate perhaps comes from a year on a job where she found it harder to achieve her goals than expected.

Student Engagement

Ms Doherty's plans to improve student engagement can be found in the “The Union and Representation” and “Holding the University Accountable” sections of her manifesto. Most of her goals revolve around improving current systems. She details goals to improve publicity for SRC meetings and incentivise student attendance. She does not necessarily share how she will do these things save for asking for a larger block grant. One specific issue that she addresses is the academic calendar. She recognizes the discontent among students with the new calendar, and aims to open future decisions up for student consultation. Her plans are certainly practical if a bit lackluster and nonspecific.


Ms Doherty’s plans for building and supporting the community are some of the best in her manifesto. She aims to build on her achievements this year by lobbying the University to further expand the free night bus service, and lobby Stagecoach to reintroduce the N99 service to Dundee. As more and more students have to live in Dundee, their access to events and nightlife will be an important issue. Her manifesto also includes plans to lobby the government to introduce free bus travel to all students regardless of age.

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