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Manifesto Analysis: Hannah Page

Ms Page’s concise and speculative manifesto’s core focus is on decreasing sexual and gender-based violence, though she also notes she has experience advocating for the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ individuals. Their practical experience includes an emphasis on inclusivity: Ms Page wrote a thesis on fostering inclusivity in museums, something she believes would be transferable, but whether this is true in practice remains to be seen.

Gender-Based Violence

Ms Page’s focus and commitment to decreasing gender-based violence is commendable, stating that she intends to implement the EmilyTest Charter (a process that endeavours to improve institutional student safety policy through evaluation) and providing domestic abuse prevention training. Most significantly, she pledges to tackle non-academic misconduct by refining and streamlining the reporting process – a category within the university code of conduct that safeguards student welfare.

Mental Health

Despite Ms Page listing a plethora of experience helping the LGBTQ+ community with their mental health, this demographic remains surprisingly under-represented in her stated aims as DoWell. Instead, they intend to focus on implementing support systems for students struggling with eating disorders, self harm and suicide ideation by improving student knowledge of support systems both internal and external. Laudably, Ms Page also places explicit emphasis on post-pandemic student wellbeing, but her aims in this realm are underdeveloped and, at times, ill-defined. Ms Page does express an intention to increase the visibility of mental health support groups and events and to foster an environment in which asking for help is destigmatizes, though she does acknowledge that this is a very long term goal.

Equality and Diversity

While Ms Page does emphasise the importance of diversity to student wellbeing, her commendable intent unfortunately does not translate into a coherent plan of action, with her manifesto aims being fairly generalised on this topic. However, she does express an interest in increasing outreach by diversifying the Peer Support team, so that they are able to tackle a greater range of issues faced by students.

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