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Just Go With The Latin Flow

Why is everyone talking about Latin Flow x Lo’s Tacos?

Like most of us, my Facebook feed is awash with entries from St Crushdrews, and while I don't have the patience to sift through them all, a conspicuous trend has emerged in recent entries: the fervent accolades bestowed upon LatinFlow. Enthusiasts extol it as the purveyor of "decent music" for the town, with particular fervour directed toward its recent collaboration with Lo's Tacos, an event hailed as a veritable "match made in heaven." What is all the fuss about, could one collective change the landscape of St Andrews nightlife?

Under the leadership of Pablo Berlanga Boemare, LatinFlow has swiftly ascended to the vanguard of St Andrews' after-dark scene. He explained to me that what “Started off as a community project intended to just bring Latin people what they wanted,” has become an “Overnight success, consistently selling out venues… Bringing people from every cultural corner of St Andrews together.” It has become more than just a series of music events; it’s a movement — its latest event encapsulates the goal: a masterclass in how to be a Latin lover. With fresh reggaeton music in the main room and taco tasting upstairs, The Rule was transformed into a kaleidoscopic carnival, designed to immerse attendees in the Latin passion. Through such music and immersive experiences, LatinFlow succeeded in its goal by providing a journey into the essence of Latin culture. 

The rapid sell-out of early bird tickets within an hour is a testament to the strategic brilliance of its marketing. Through a fusion of captivating graphics and cheesy yet relatable sketches staged around town, the promotional efforts captivate the collaborations that push the boundaries of what a party can be. I believe this achievement can be attributed to Mr Berlanga's acute grasp of his audience, who are “Always looking for the next best thing and quickly move on once they’ve found it.” This is what inspires him to strive for perpetual innovation, which should give us a lot to look forward to in the following months of Semester Two.

Enter Lo’s Tacos, a key contributor to the recent upsurge in LatinFlow's success. Born out of Mexico City, its mission is to fill the void of authentic Mexican cuisine in St Andrews. In conversation with the Head of Logistics, Pam Ascobereta, she notes, “The collaboration with LatinFlow encouraged a diversity of groups to the Rule.” The convergence of Latin music and Latin cuisine in St Andrews is a rare treat, undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark on many and imparting a lesson or two in the art of Latin romance.

For Lo’s Tacos, the collaboration was more than just a feast for the senses; it was an opportunity to connect with the community and spread the word about their mission. As Miss Ascobereta explains, “Collaborating with the LatinFlow team allowed us to extend our network and show the community what we are capable of.” If the buzz surrounding their recent collaboration is any indication, the future's looking brighter than ever. They plan to continue catering private dinners and larger events throughout the school year, Taco 'bout a fiesta!

So, the next time you find yourself searching for a night to remember, just buy that £6 ticket to LatinFlow, for in their passion and innovative collaborations lies the essence of what makes St Andrews' nightlife truly unforgettable.

Photo: Aadi Jain via Thrillr Events

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