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Issue 261: Inaugural Address

Welcome back to the Bubble! I hope you have all had a restful summer and are prepared for another year of learning from some of the world’s greatest minds, of making lifelong friends, and of jogging to Tesco at 9:53pm to pick up that 4 pound bottle of red wine.

To me, the beginning of a new academic year marks the chance for a (practically) clean slate. As Editor-in-Chief, The Saint holds a very special place in my heart, so special that I am excited for the change we can bring this year. Change is underpinned by reflection and, at The Saint, we have been doing just that.

While I believe journalism ought to be completely neutral, an absolute objective reporting of facts, I also know that good journalism must be underpinned by some core values.

Over the summer, I have reflected about what these values should be.

  1. Independence: Since 2004, The Saint has been an independent paper, unaffiliated from the University or the Students’ Association. As such, we receive no financial support from either entity, meaning the paper is entirely fiscally self-reliant. This independence also means complete editorial control over all that we publish with a staff of full-time students who practically work as full-time journalists. It is this level of independence, characteristic of only two other university papers in the UK, that allows us the editorial autonomy we value so highly.

  2. Representation: While we are unaffiliated from the University, we still consider ourselves the unofficial voice of St Andrews students. I believe this issue particularly reflects this value — from articles on the serious implications of the housing crisis to a brand new blind dates column, the student voice always has been and always will be our priority. If you have something to say, I encourage you to submit a Letter to the Editor (

  3. Integrity: The continued support of The Saint’s readers means a great deal to me. I do understand, however, that this support hinges on a tacit agreement that our work be well-researched, properly fact-checked, and published using careful judgement.

  4. Respect: Though a small town, St Andrews plays host to a community of diverse identities from a multitude of backgrounds. Thus, I believe our work must always be written through a lens of empathy, respect, and understanding of the varied perspectives around us.

  5. Excellence: Working with a team full of intelligent, imaginative, and diligent people, The Saint will always aspire to bring you the highest quality of journalism across all mediums. This year, we are hoping to pursue a multitude of creative projects which will hopefully make our publication all the more exciting.

I thank you all for your continued support for our paper. Keep a lookout for a member of our friendly team handing out The Saint every other Thursday outside the Union, Main Library, and St Mary’s Quad. I wish you all the very best of luck throughout the Martinmas semester.

As always, anything for The Saint!

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