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Harbor Trust Submitting Plans to Build a New Harbor House

Updated: Mar 9

St Andrews Harbour Trust, a Trust Port Authority responsible for the upkeep and development of the town's medieval harbour, has submitted plans for a £500,000 new Harbour House. 

For decades, the Harbour Cafe has been in a portable cabin, but the Trust is now looking to revitalise the harbour. The Trust is looking to replace the current cafe with a one-and-a-half-story building boasting accessible amenities such as a cafe, toilet and shower facilities, and an office space. The Trust has already established a deal with the cafe’s present owner. 

Working with the Newburgh based planning and architectural consultants A.S. Associates for the design, the Trust’s project aims to revitalise and modernise the harbour. The architectural plans aim to strike a balance between the more traditional elements of the harbour and modern design trends. The envisioned wood cladding and render with a zinc roof seek to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the harbour, as well as uphold its historic charm, rather than detract from it. 

Ken Sweeney, the Chair of St Andrews Harbour Trust, said, “Having maintained and protected the harbour for over 125 years, every effort is therefore being made to create proposals which are sensitive to the historic asset of St Andrews Harbour and its location within the wider Conservation Area, benefitting both the function of our working harbour and the aesthetics of the area.”

The Trust hopes to receive the £500,000 funding from the Tay Cities Region Deal, a partnership funded by both the Scottish and UK governments, that promotes sustainable economic growth. Fife Council supports the Trust’s application.

The Trust wants to obtain feedback from the local community, including students, during the planning and building process in order to ensure that the new Harbour House serves the needs of the town’s population. In a Facebook post, the Trust clarified that the public will soon be informed about how to share input regarding the current plans and that any questions should be directed to

Photo by Jerzy Morkis

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