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Halloween Preview: A Guide to St Andrews’ Scariest Events

Where to go and what to do on the busiest weekend of the year!

St Andrews is seemingly the ultimate spooky location: both its ruined cathedral and endless essay deadlines ominously loom. For what it lacks in bats, it makes up for in Greggs-hungry seagulls. On one of its biggest weekends of the year, it can be hard to decide just where to show off your flat’s ‘frat house’ collab costumes. However, no need to fear, here are the top events lining up this Halloween season in our frightening corner of Fife.

For our bravest of souls who plan to kick off the celebrations early, Spooky Throwbacks at the Vic is your best bet. Taking place on Thursday 26 October, the night is sure to be crammed with your favourite tunes to conjure up memories of those painful Halloween parties your childhood friends’ parents organised. Thriller choreography is welcome — for one night only.

Now, for the most fearless of them all (those who do not let a bus ride get in the way of a promising night) – have your Young Scot cards at the ready for Haunted Haus on Sunday 29 October. Another long-awaited collaboration between Haus and BPM, they eagerly invite you to ‘Underground Nightclub Dundee’ for a fusion of hip hop, house, and garage tunes. The starting £5 price was met with avid enthusiasm and the tickets remaining are now available at £9.

The Vic beckons you back for yet another night of frightening dancing. Following a few good nights of sleep and a hurried costume change, you will be ready for House of Horror Throwbacks Hip Hop on Monday 30 October. The night promises a throwback selection of mainstream rap, British Grime, and RnB icons at a main drop price of £9.90.

If you prefer your frights a little more laid-back, head to the Heritage Museum between 30 October and 5 November for the Art Society’s Macabre: A Halloween Exhibition, featuring works by members of the St Andrews community. And if that wasn’t enough to satiate your artistic appetite, try Halloween Life Drawing, also run by the Art Society, on Halloween itself, taking place in School 6 between 6-8pm. At only £5, it’s the perfect (if alternative) pre-party move.

Fright Night stands as both a Halloween classic and a freshers’ rite of passage. Acting as the final culmination of halloweening, this year’s event will take place at the Union on Tuesday 31 October. The Union guarantees a self-proclaimed “spine-tingling, hair raising night of halloween fun”. There is only one way to find out whether their organisers are as talented at event planning as their marketing team is at generating charming literary wit. With a general sale at only £7, it’s slightly cheaper than the rest of the line-up.

This Halloween is not one for hesitation – the countless Fixr links demand swift action. With the wide array of events, your costume and calendar coordinating cannot wait. Finally, sort out that Tik Tok Powerpuff combo costume with the girlies. Ask the guy you fancy to join forces for that Peaky Blinders duo ensemble. Even make the trek to the Morrisons costume department if you want to feel particularly petrifying. Whether it be dancing to the ‘Monster Mash’ or checking your bank account balance midday of 1 November — rest assured, you’re bound to have a frightful time.

Photo: Ilaria Freccia

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