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Freshers' Week Review: The Must-Attend Events and Venues

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

After the 18 months we have experienced, we deserve some excitement. Fortunately, excitement has never been in short supply for St Andrews events. The committees have been working hard over the summer creating a Freshers’ programme to dust away the COVID cobwebs.

The Union

The Freshers’ Week of last year will be a distant memory as in-person events return. The Union has not released the line up for this year. However, with previous years hosting celebrity DJ sets, iconic drag queens and love island personalities, the Union organised events are truly unforgettable. This year will not only bring back events that upperclassmen remember, but also introduce new venues. In addition to Club 601 (the only nightclub in St Andrews), Main Bar, Sandys (the Union sports bar), and Beacon Bar (the Union cocktail bar), there are a host of new Union venues opening up for this Freshers’ Week.

The FiEld behind the union now has a license for live music events. This will give musicians in St Andrews another venue to share their passions and talents. The Spanish Gardens are now bookable by societies and groups for their own events. This location boasts views of the sea and a convenient location off of The Scores.

Union North

The most significant change for this year's Freshers’ Week is the creation of Union North. The custom built venue will be brand new this September. There are hopes that the outdoor stage and three bars will give an added festival feel to freshers events. Although with the “festival feel” may come some “Scottish shivers”, as the nights begin to cool down. The lower temperatures may be worth it, especially for students looking to cut down their walk to and from Freshers events. Union North is located opposite Powell Hall and promises a shorter trek for students living in North Haugh halls and DRA.


Exciting announcements have also come from the Charity Fashion Show, Welly Ball and BPM committees in recent weeks. The return of Starfields to St Andrews is a welcome reminder of events in years past and an exciting new experience for first and second years. As St Andrews’ only music festival, Starfields marks the end of Freshers’ Week with internationally acclaimed artists and an unmatched atmosphere. This year Starfields 2021: Summer Sessions will run over two days and three separate musical sessions. If you are a fan of house and electronic music, festivals or Freshers fun, this is a must attend event.

Welly Ball Launch

If you are looking to add some classic St Andrews events to your Freshers’ experience, the Return to Welly: Launch 2021 is one to add to your calendar. Welly Ball is known for its iconic dress code: black tie and wellies. It is truly St Andrean, traditional and quirky.

While we wait for the main Welly Ball later in the semester, the launch on Freshers’ Thursday night will give a taster of what is to come. Look out for tickets, they sold out in less than two minutes, so will be in short supply.

Photo: Welly Ball

The Vic

Another venue making a return is The Vic. The bar across from the Union building on Market Street will be a hub of activity every night. BPM will be hosting their first in-person club night since covid began. This follows an impressive run of online hip hop, RnB and grime showcases during lockdown. If garage and afrobeat music aren’t your ‘go-to,’ later in the week Don’t Walk will launch their first Vic night of the semester. Don’t Walk: Harmonious Silence promises to be anything but quiet and will give a taste of the committee's vision for this coming year.

Photo: Erin Boyle


The coming events herald a new time in St Andrews. Events are an essential part of St Andrews student life, so a return to socialising, dancing and gathering together is certainly welcome. Throw yourself in to the coming year and attends as many as you like. Check The Saint website for events updates.

Erin Boyle - Events Section Editor

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