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Football: Scotland vs England

The 150th Anniversary Game

Scotland and England met on the pitch for the first time at the West Scotland Cricket club in 1872 for the first international game. Now 150 years later and six miles away, they meet again. A historic rivalry more inspired and vivid than Frazier versus Ali, Red Sox versus Yankees, or Borg versus McEnroe. A fixture of nationalism and heartened victory. Whichever way you side, this is the end all be all.

The stadium begins to fill with an intense and hostile atmosphere. Each team approaches the field ready to prove their tactical superiority and athletic supremacy. Scotland is coming off a galvanizing five game winning streak leaving them at the top of European Championship qualifying group. While England was held up by the Ukrainian national team with a frustrating draw.

Scotland begins the game with excellent defensive maneuvers, keeping England restrained. However, in the 31st minuet, the Three Lions strike. With three brilliant passes conducted by Bellingham, slicing it through the Scottish defense. Then to Rashford and Walker with final touch coming from Foden guiding it into the back of the net. Gutting the Scottish defense, England takes the lead 1-0.

The flustered Scotland struggles to tighten their lines of defense. Bellingham, once again, with pristine dribbling, chopping through the Scottish defense and excellent cross to Foden. Foden putting the ball into action and as Newton’s third law states for every action there is an equal reaction. The reaction comes from Bellingham slipping the ball past Gunn into the net. After an error by Robertson, England is quickly able to capitalize on the mistake taking a 2-0 lead.

After the half-time, finds an opportunity with Robertson running the ball up and knocking towards the goal and it is nudged in by Maguire, an own goal. And the red lion of Scotland shows signs of life as they are back in the game.

Bellingham like a dagger shoots the ball through Scottish defense to Kane who fires it into the net with only 10 minutes left in the game. Seizing their two-goal lead back and with it the hopes of a Scottish victory.

The composure of the English game left Scotland scrambling and unable to gain control of the game. A truly conceptualized performance by England with Bellingham as the leading man. Scotland lacked their usual spark and fumbled through most of the game, getting lost in a Bellingham maze of plays, who with Rashford was able to break down Scotland’s defense. A disappointing performance from the soaring Scotland team, England ambushed the field and captured the victory.

Image: Engraving of the Scottish 1872 Team via Wikimedia Commons

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