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Fife Names Happiest Place in Scotland for Tourists

Fife has been named by the Scotland is Calling tourism campaign as the happiest place in Scotland for tourists, accounting for 30% of all votes when those surveyed were asked where they had felt the happiest during their visit to Scotland.

Lorna Murphy, Assistant Manager at VisitScotland’s St Andrews iCentre, stated, “It’s very exciting to see Fife top this tourist happiness poll. A year-round destination packed full of Scottish history, inspiring landscapes, award-winning food and drink; and world-famous golf; Fife offers something for everyone.”

The poll is part of VisitScotland’s latest campaign — Scotland is Calling — which highlights the ways in which Scotland fulfills visitors’ emotional needs. “It is not just about the unmissable things you can see and do but how it feels to experience them”. Lorna said. Other emotions associated with Fife were ‘inspired’ and ‘adventurous'.

According to the Fife website, the area also boasts Scotland’s highest number of national attractions, making it the perfect place to visit for the budding tourist.

St Andrews itself is home to historical attractions, cafes, restaurants, and of course the world-famous golf course which now claims a golfing academy, and boasts a “Green Tourism” Gold award, which recognises the efforts of the town to sustainably manage tourism and minimise its impact on the environment.

The University transforms the town into a bustle of activity during the academic school year, with many students enjoying all that Fife has to offer as well.

International students visiting the area have remarked on how they agree with the results of the poll, recalling their own experiences with visiting areas in Fife for the first time, and exploring what the area has to offer.

First year student Grace said, “As an American, or just a person who has never been to Scotland before, walking around St Andrews legitimately feels like you’re in a picture book or movie set.”

“Between the oceans, the ruins, and the cobblestone roads of Market Street, it feels like something straight out of a novel.”

Before the pandemic, Fife attracted 705,000 overnight visits per year, making it a booming contributor to the Scottish tourism industry, according to the VisitScotland website. St Andrews Castle and St Andrews Cathedral were included in the top five paid attractions people liked to visit, with a combined total of over 140,000 visits between them in 2019.

Ms Murphy said, “We love welcoming visitors from all across Scotland, the UK and the world into our iCentre here in St Andrews and hearing how they feel about their trip. We take pride in sharing all of the wonderful ways visitors can make the most of their stay in the town and beyond, as well as playing an important part in the local community”.

“We hope the campaign will inspire more people to discover the magic of visiting Fife and Scotland during the autumn and winter months”.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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