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Emerging Exhibitions

As the semester heads for its close, perhaps your mind is drifting to post-deadline season plans. I’m sure most of those include spending quality leisure time with your family. As we turn towards wintery scenes, however, so too does the art world around us. I urge you all, before you quit St Andrews or Scotland itself if you’re not a native, to check out the newest art exhibitions that our town and its surrounding cities have to offer.

The Junor Gallery In light of the COP- 26 proceedings The Junor Gallery is relooking at the works of Alexander Moffat and Helen Bellany. The landscapes and nature portraits of the two shed a new light on the world around us. Being an online gallery, these works are all free for viewing on their website.

The Fraser Gallery Located on South Street, The Fraser Gallery devotes its collection to promoting Scottish artists. Francis Boag’s new collection is based on the works of Joan Eardley. Inspired by her biography, landscapes, and subject portraiture, Boag’s paintings take after Eardley’s children of Glasgow series. They illuminate the personal relationship Boag has with Eardley’s work, and Glaswegian children themselves.

The Sproson Gallery The Sproson Gallery’s Winter Collection features the works of artists Clare Arbuthnott, Paul Bartlett, Sheila Fowler, Wayne Galloway, Elena Guillaumin, Yvonne Hair, Mark Holden, Sarah Koetsier, Laura Lawson, Leonie MacMillan, Carina Prigmore, Linda Paton, Philip Raskin, Ken Roberts and Fiona Sturrock. Their works delineate scenes from Scottish winters, and even St Andrews itself !

The Victoria and Albert Museum Dundee The relatively new branch of the V&A Museum in Dundee is self-confessedly Scotland’s premier museum of design. For those interested in look- ing at art and design concentrating on Scottish artists, this is a fabulous museum for a day trip. Their current exhibition, Night Fever: Designing Club Culture, examines how night clubs and nightlife have changed in appearance and style since the 1960s. Scottish club culture is relatively close-knit in comparison to the English version, and this exhibit explores the ethos behind its current state and creation.

The National Galleries of Scotland If you have time for a slightly longer day trip, perhaps you will consider the Scottish National Galleries in Edinburgh. Along with superb permanent collections, the NGS have some incredible exhibitions on at the moment. At the National Portrait Gallery, at the moment, for example, you can currently see Thomas Joshua Cooper’s photo series, The World’s Edge–The Atlas of Emptiness and Extremity. As a globetrotter, Cooper has been to all four corners of the earth, and contributed greatly to the study of cartography. His images are stunning and isolating, and well-worth a visit. So maybe before you get lost in the Christmas markets you can kill some time enjoying some high quality works at one of these museums.

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