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Dancing Queens: the ABPH Ball

The 70s- and 80s-themed ABPH ball took place this week in a marquee at the Spanish Gardens on the Scores. After enjoying the complementary arrival drinks and the groovy tunes of a student band, the headlining tribute band, ‘ABBA revival’ stole the show entirely. Their very accurate renditions, spirited performances and numerous outfit changes had us indeed feeling like dancing queens. The only critique-able aspect of the band was their departure at 11pm: because whilst random DJ throwback tunes are not to everyone’s taste, ABBA undoubtedly is.

The venue itself was decked out with lights and blow-up champagne bottles, with several food vans and even a shawarma tent awaiting the hungry outside. The dress code - though somewhat vague - was still amusing, with half the attendees in black tie while the other half sported flares and jumpsuits. For the intoxicated few who would not remember it the next day, the large photo booth and lively photographers did well to document the night. As the venue was not expensive, the reasonably-priced tickets were a refreshing change amidst what has been a month of overpriced mediocre events.

Altogether it was a full and lively event full of familiar faces and loud happy tunes; probably to the chagrin of the members of sallies trying to sleep next door.

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