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Classic, Authentic, Impactful: Luvians Turns 40

Luvians, originally a Fife-based Ice Cream parlour with a selection of two whiskeys and luxury confectioneries, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary since opening on Christmas Eve, 1983. Founded by the Fusaro brothers; Luigi, Vincenzo, and Antonio, whose family immigrated from Italy in the 1950s, they wanted to bring their knowledge and enthusiasm for good food and good company to their home in Cupar and to St Andrews. Their father’s skills in artisanal ice cream making and their mother’s attention to customer service allowed for an authentic experience and celebration of its Italian heritage. 

Since its opening 40 years ago, Market Street — Luvian’s location in St Andrews, has changed significantly with the arrival of competing chains and the expansion of the University. Still, Emili Fusaro, daughter of original owner Vincenzo, says “It's great to see that a brilliant collection of small, independent businesses continue to thrive, supported by a strong local community and buzzing student population.” Luvians prides itself on “going the extra mile for our customers every day,” whether through product knowledge, tastings, deliveries, or providing a welcoming place for the community to gather. St Andrews’ world-renowned University, Golf Courses, and picturesque beaches also help attract tourists, making it “a real gem for international visitors and locals alike.” 

The prominence of St Andrews’ various student societies and organisations has motivated  Luvians to collaborate with them and promote business with the student community. They partner with around 10 societies annually, notably Don't Walk, German Society, Italian Society, Fine Food and Dining, and even the University’s Wine Society’s blind tasting team. In addition to this, Luvians helps raise money for charities like WaterAid, for which they have raised over £100,000. 

When asked how Luvians manage to keep up with increasing modernisation and an age that looks vastly different from that of 40 years ago, Emili replies that while “we may specialise in old school classics, we are always planning new events, tastings, and fun ways to engage with the student body and wider community.” 

Recently, the renovation of the Market Street ice cream parlour and investment in up-to-date technology for manufacturing has allowed the store to innovate and experiment to help keep its products exciting.

Emili shares that the coming year holds exciting changes and plans for Luvians. Whether it be renovations to further celebrate the store’s Italian roots and heritage, the introduction of new products, or changes concerning the bottle shop’s facade (also on Market Street), the core of everything they do will remain a love of the best quality food, drinks, and community. 

Now, Luvians enjoys a whiskey collection of almost 1200, and the company has become the Scottish champion of Harpers UK’s best Indies for over three years. With two St Andrews locations; an ice cream parlour and a bottle shop, as well as a bottle shop in Cupar, the team is “super proud of what Luvians has achieved so far”. Emili and her brother Chris are now working together with their fathers to bring the business forward, and are excited to continue working with colleagues and customers to build on their past success for the next forty years.

Image by Alden Arnold

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