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Things Cam Only Get Better

Current Director of Education Cam Brown was announced as the incoming President of the St Andrews Students’ Association at tonight’s Student Election Results event. He is joined by the newest President of the Athletic Union (AU Pres), Olivia King; the incoming Director of Education (DoED), Hitanshi Badani; the next Director of Events and Services (DoES), Milo Hill; the next Director of Student Development and Activities (DoSDA, Cat Martin); and Caitlin Ridgeway continuing in her current role as the Director of Wellbeing and Equality (DoWell).

At the Student Election Results announcement, the mood was one of celebration and encouragement. Chase Greenfield, the Academic Representation Coordinator and staff lead on elections, expressed pride in the large turnout this year — 32.9 per cent against the goal of 33 per cent — and thanked those who worked behind the scenes to ensure the elections were a success. He expressed support for all who ran, and suggested they reach out  to if they needed assistance of any kind, regardless of the election outcomes.

107 candidates stood, and 3,373 votes were cast, solidifying the Union’s elections as some of the UK’s most heavily attended — unsurprising, as 960 cupcakes and 50 pizza boxes were handed out in a drive to increase turnout.

The student body has elected a whole new Student’s Representative Council (SRC). Officers on this include Disability Officer Lauren Cook, LGBT Officer Jack Kennedy, Gender Equality Officer Alexander Chun, BAME Officer Manya Dutt, and Accomodation Officer Jack McNealy.

Also announced were the winners of the Charity initiatives, with the local winner being Richmond’s Hope, a charity supporting young people who have recently experienced bereavement. The National Charity selected was Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading Alzheimer’s research charity. SolidariTee, the largest student-led refugee charity, won the vote for International charity.

To see a more detailed results list, including individual school presidents and breakdowns of each round of voting for the positions, students can access the elections portal, at ​​

Image by Cam Brown

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