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BREAKING NEWS: Buildings on Market Street Catch Fire Overnight

At approximately 12:00 on 15 March 2022, several buildings on Market Street caught fire. It appears to have spread across the first floors of two adjacent buildings: Tanon and Tulsi.

As of approximately 02:00, smoke and sparks continue to emanate from the rear roof of the building.

Three fire engines from St Andrews Fire Department and two vehicles from Police Scotland were on the scene and are currently dealing with the incident.

It is unclear whether there have been any injuries. There has also been no confirmation of the extent to which affected buildings have been damaged.

It is initially understood the fire originated from Tanon, as a representative from the University of St Andrews Security & Response Team said: "The building above Tanon is on fire." They had no further comment to offer at the time.

Residents of nearby buildings have been evacuated from the immediate area, which was cordoned off at approximately 01:00.

A bystander noted: "I could smell smoke from my flat, my neighbours and I both thought it might have been a bonfire."

This incident follows a recent fire at Pret a Manger on Market Street, which occurred on 1 March, 2022 and caused no injuries.

The Saint will continue to update as the situation progresses.

Photos: Olivia Bybel

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