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A Fresher's Perspective: The Halls Ranked

Feeling lost in St Andrews Events?

Christy Forshaw presents a friendly face and guiding hand for fellow freshers.

There's no denying that each hall of residence comes with its own reputation and stereotypes, no matter if they turn out to be true or not. This reputation extends to going out. Whether linked with location, the subjects people take, or perhaps something they put in the water, there are undoubtedly some halls that just seem to always be having a great time, and others that lean more towards the cosy night in. From my fresher's perspective, these are the top 4 party halls that you're most likely to go to for pre's or find someone traipsing home to at 3 in the morning.

1. University Hall

Anywhere you go, in any venue in St Andrews, you will most certainly come across a group of Uni hall students. Whether it is a Tuesday or Saturday, the weekday is irrelevant. Uni Hall also has a beautiful common room, meaning their pres will always be fun. Therefore, when you see a big tray of shots at the union, it would be a safe guess to assume it's going to a uni hall table. Maybe the fact that they live next to the gym gives them all their energy?

2. Agnes Blackadder Hall

Coming in at a close second, ABH students seem to be always up for a good time. It is possible this is partially to do with the sheer number of them (meaning you're never far from an ABH resident) and also to do with the ever-reliable Friday night pres. It is understandable that if you have complimentary booze and crowd-pleasing tunes every Friday, you're going to end up out and about in St Andrews, quite possibly at the Friday night bop. The fact that they're located on the way out of town also means an ABH night out is going to be a long one, most likely ending in Shawarma.

3. St Salvator's Hall

It is never going to be a surprise that this iconic and centrally located hall is keen on partying. After all, it is right on the doorstep of almost every venue in St Andrews. When going out is that easy, it makes sense that Sallies students are found out in town basically every night of the week. Notwithstanding Sallies' lasting legacy as a hall that welcomes royalty, its residents embrace the fame of their hall by inviting friends back to continue the fun.

4. David Russell Apartments

Coming in at number four, despite being a decent trek from the town centre, DRA students still have a good time, particularly in their own hall. A night at DRA is sure to be a fun one with students partying in flats, often with wild themed parties, on many nights of the week. The booze always seems to be flowing (potentially because Tesco's is so far away, so they have to stock up). There always seems to be a strange amount of Malibu, which is an indicator of a big partyer. Therefore, DRA students don't let their location hold them back and manage to have a good time regardless.

While reputations change year-on-year, these reputations are recognisable at the moment. Now, next time you're on a night out, take a look around for yourself and see if these indeed are the four biggest party halls. And if you live in one of these four, you probably already know.

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